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Friday, October 22, 2010
It's have been long time since the last time I wrote here.

When I got mellow mood, I just feel to write about something. Anything. Even the small and little word.

Hey, did I told you, I miss him a lot, Lady F? I've been miss him, since...
Well Idk. I miss him a lot until sometimes it's really hurt that face it the idea I even couldn't get him.

Hey boy, I'm soo crazy about you. I miss you all day, all night long, even sometimes I feel it's little too much for me to asked. I'm soo crazy about u, although I know, I couldn't ever have u. And you, wouldn't ever be mine.

I just need to say that, anyway. Not hopping anything for return.

#p.s : OMG! I even put your black picture on my desktop again. The best shot i could remember about your image.

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Just on her way..

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Even if she say it to him, would he understand and accept that?

She has her own world and standing for her own dream.. She put him on her world and she always think that he'll realize, she is around, someday.

How about him?
Maybe he still walking on the same way. Never think that have someone outside who think about him for every tyme. He would never notice that this girl could love him on her way. She gave him love on her way.

On one movie said, just have 2 character girl on movie. The girl who is the lead girl or the girl who act like the lead girl but actually she just the best friend for the lead guy.

Now maybe she decide to be the second girl. Who act as a best friend. She would give up now, and trying her best to be friend and try next tyme to be the lead girl. Wish this guy would realize that have someone outside who love him that deep, just on her way..

Just love you, with my own way...
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