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25th Dec in Spore

Sunday, December 26, 2010
So here i am in Spore now. but all i can say is my holiday turn out to something i even cant think would happen. My dad 99% maybe wouldnt make it to come to spent holiday together. i heard that (shit) after booked all ticket and hotel, ticket back home still not confirm yet, thx God.

then, not much to tell actually. my first day in singapore, i was walking (yes walk with 2 feet) from my hotel area (170 bencoolen street, its ibis hotel) around bugis to the famous and crowded with huge mall in every where we can turn around our head, Orchad road. it was crowded, totally. oh my leg was so big after that. its not to far, but still. i walked Orchad 3 times around from corner to another. exhausted... and a young girl in the middle of crowded area suddenly screaming!! bcoz old man by accident hit her. and she got small scratch (& bleeding too) on her arm. yeah you can tell, she was start to yelling and make people watched her. soo stupid. poor uncle (old man)... :(

i think they little bit stressed out. this city/country is soo busy like hell. even here a lot of shopping malls, but not everytime shop will turn down your stress. maybe they need some space..

it was on 25th Dec, on Christmas. its like everybody went out and walked around Orchad Road, and make it full. they even blocked the road, so people can spread walking, took pics or even chit chat in the middle of road. but someone said that place will 3 times more crowded on New Years eve, until you cant walk...
that night made my emotion wont come down. Hot to the max. and my camera (nikon D70s) is not too good (no zoom lens) for that time, and heavy. im not enjoy at all. trying to, but more i try more i got heat up. but here's some pics i took. just small lamp everywhere, and Christmas ornament..

all in orchad road.

but after all this, still happy 25th dec to whoever celebrate the night eve! hope God bless you all!!
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