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A dream having a dog

Thursday, December 09, 2010
Look his eyes... soo cute. i wish i could have a puppy like this. Anyone, please give me... i would really happy..

This is the awesome 'never stay at home' Yuki.. a son of Snowy and Kuro. he loves my mom, well my mom think he's just like other her kids. They got it after had a forced sex... see, he's got his mom full white fur, but its thick just like Kuro.

This black one is Kuro. is he cute?? he's lovely and little too friendly but still shy.. his fur isn't black, its dark brown. had triangle white, his chest also white. what a lovely cat..

Mommy Snowy after gave a birth for 3 cute kitten. the white one is Yuki, the one we kept until now. the rest we gave to our far far away friend..
This one is Mommy Snowy in her famous beautiful white fur. one thing i know, all white full is a rare.

I always had a dream to have a little puppy. They said, a dog can give you more friendship and understanding when you sad than a cat.

I got it. And well its true. I love cat, and having it since I was kid.

It was had 'Manis' a playgirl cat that really famous around the male cat.

It was 2 or 3 more other cats on old house.

It was had 'Snowy' a full white persian cat. She had a forcing sex with 'Kuro' (his mine, thick chocolate plus white fur cat. He was friendly and lovely but really shy and he lost) and had 3 babies (we kept one, 'Yuki'). The picture i want to share are up there..

However, even I never kept a dog, but I also a dog lover. I always crying after watched 'Marley & Me'.

A dog didn't need a fancy house, a cute dress or an expensive accessories to make him feel happy. He'll be happy just when you around. He might be ask your attention, but he will give you more than a love and friendship.

"He will give you his heart, full of love, when you gave him yours".

I always have a dream to have a small cozy home, with a backyard and a dog.

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