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When I couldn't sleep..

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Its 2am.
I couldn't sleep, at all. I even didn't feel tired. Alarm on my body still ringing, ask me to do anything to make it tired. But its not work. I couldn't sleep tonight.

Count jumping sheep, maybe would work out, yeah for kids. Not for me.

My eyes tired because of all day watched the screen. And just rubbish show that on the screen at this time. noone gonna watch that crap, except if MTV still on.

A bunch of books, novels and magazine even looks not interesting tonight. The content won't be change suddenly, btw.

Hm any idea what should I do to make me get my sleep time? Holiday such a huge distraction for my normal life, changing it into a vampire life.

I'm on fire at night, but sleep all day start from morning. Its like me hiding from Ms. shiny sunshine. Sometimes I think, I got half blood of vampire and the rest is fairy forest. Maybe.

Euhh hello Ms. White Moon, please give me back my normal sleep time. I don't want be a vampire girl tonight, unless he would change himself too. I just want to have a good sleep with dreamy dream, and feel fresh when I wake up in the morning.

Hello Ms. White Moon, can you do that? Use your mighty spell like you did to people. Make me sleep tonight. I promise we will meet again next time. Use your mighty spell to bring the dreamy dream for me.. Use your mighty spell to once again bring relaxed and calm night like you always did.

Don't worry, there in the sky got a thousands of stars around you. You won't feel alone. Not as much as I feel tonight..

Just say you mighty spell and bring me to dreamy island.

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