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17 point to make your life more 'Spicy'

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
#1. Wake up earlier to see sunrise and enjoy the fresh air.

#2. Open Youtube, search the make up tutorial, find the most you really like and try it to yourself. Then 'snap snap' take pic with the quirky pose. Don't forget to upload on your FB or Twitter!

#3. Try something that you scared most. Maybe like budge jumping, be friend with your friend pet : snake, watch horror movie?

#4. Live without your cell phone for a day! Then you'll surprise when you get how much people missed you with their msg and miss call.

#5. Try dancing in the rain!

#6. Enjoy the mall all by yourself. See people, watch movie, enjoy yourself at saloon, eat sweet dessert and maybe will have someone who wanted to know your name..

#7. Do different routine.

#8. Camping at your backyard (outside house). Don't forget to ask your family to come along.

#9. Once in a while, take a shower to your pet.

#10. Search a simple cake or pasta or dessert recipe from internet then make it.

#11. Say hello to a random person on your contact list. Choose a few friend that not really close with you then send them a simple msg just for say hi n ask news about them. Who knows....

#12. Contact again the ex-file. maybe after break up, you two choose for stay away and loose contact. If you break up on good way, why not just ask how he/she doin, as a friend?

#13. Do a small charity, like give a box milk to kids on the road, beggar. That feeling after you make them happy, would make you happy too. :)

#14. Build a small creative camp for underprivileged children, and a teacher for them. Don't forget to invite your friends to help you, and bring along some books and new ideas that simple enough for the kids to do.

#15. Let's bike!

#16. Follow some twitter or that always ask you some random question like @soalcinta or @soalBOWBOW. It's fun to follow and answer!

#17. Do a small interview with special person. Not to mention artist/actor/famous people. But people who have unique profession around you. Your maid or your driver or the cleaner road. They also have their own unique story. Maybe you'll learn something new from their life, that will give you some fresh inspiration.

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