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Love Letter #1 : What a nice smile!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I remember it wasn't one of favorite day.
Problem at school and one of my best friend seems in the mood to fight with me..

I remember it was a nice afternoon
Went back from school, très très fatigué

And i remember it was you, sat on the orange chair at Plaza.

For sure I don't know who u are!
For God sake, I don't know why u stared at me on the first place.
Well, I know I'm not that beautiful even I'm not that smart, from how you stared at me. From top to bottom.
Up and down.
So suspicious.

Then I left.
Even though, I still remember those deep down eyes was yours.
Those sweet brownies skin was yours.

The last one I remember about that day, about you, about our smile & short meeting, you were smiling at me. Just a simple smile.
Respectful, warm and friendly. I admit, what a nice smile!
I admit too, what a weird meeting!

When I left again, I was smiled. Smiled on your back, hey Mr. Nice Smile.
Maybe next time I meet you again, I would smile back to you. Give it back a simple smile of yours, the one that make me smile too. The one that lift up my spirit suddenly.

For God sake, I don't know you, yet. But for sure, I'd love to know you more deep, hey Mr. Nice Smile. :)

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