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Love Letter #2: Those sweet smile on Magz!

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Hey I saw you!
Different place, different time and space.

Hey I saw you again! This time on last page at female magazine. Your cool pose with black t-shirt and glasses. Smiling sweet and one your hand inside your pocket jeans. I loved it!

Well your age is 27, but you looks younger than that. At least 5 years. Well again, doesn't matter. It happen to me though. Older age, but younger face. Sweet mix, isn't?

My first email was random to you. Was a first impression of your look.
My second email is the next step..
My third email would be another moment how I curious about yourself..
And maybe my next email would be another time how I want to know about you, in better way?

Hello, this is new year, we should know a bunch of new people! And let me start it with you..

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