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QtD 14 Feb 2011 : Love isn't only on Val-Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Shiny and bright, it is love."

"Love is should be there every time, every second as long as you could take a breath. Love is everywhere. Love is should be not special just one day, which is 14th of Feb.. Love is everyday. Love is not a chocolate or candies. Love is laugh, smile, happy that come out from your face. Love is when you are the shiny star for someone else world. Love is .... just simply about you."

When u said "happy valentine day" on ur last sentence in our chat today, I just think that this one is so random. Of you. From the friend I was in love with.. But so sorry dude, I don't celebrate Valentine as a special day. 14th Feb for me wasn't a special date. No special occasion. Not a special event. Only number 14th in February... Not a chocolate from you. Not a expensive goods you could buy. Love is simply how you make your someone can smile again after their problem, laugh again after they cry, happy again after they feel sad. Love is a care you could give to someone you love. Is not a day. It's everyday, every time, every tears.

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