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10 reason why girls love bad boys

Thursday, March 24, 2011
It is random. But honestly, even me loves bad boys. And fall for them too many times. So I wrote this based on my experience and do a small research among my friends. So here's this, 10 reason why mostly girls love bad boys!
1. Mostly fashionable.
Mostly of them know well about fashion. They have a good of sense of style. They know how to attract girl with their style.
2. Good looking, kind a perfect guy.
You can see, almost this bad guy are rich, handsome, good looking, tall, athletic, and always surrounded by their friends and a lot of girls. In short word, they are popular. That's make them even more perfect and looks like a shiny bright future.
3. Hard to get
Noone can say that bad boys is easy to get. That's not make them a bad boys then. Almost always hard to get. Give them a exclusivity title.
4. Adrenaline rush
Their activity is like crazy.. Loves to do something that have a lots of risk. More risk even better. This one also make them even more sexy. :p
5. Don't care so much
Yes, when they don't care what the girls do, this would make girls getting nuts. Getting crazy, thinking too much how to catch they attention even for a second.
6. Protective
Bad boys would protect their own property, girl, friends sometimes little bit over.
7. Unpredictable.
Sometimes you just don't have any clue what he will do next. Its makes girl exited. Its makes girl turn on.
8. ConfidentYes. Bad boys has their confident all over their body, I think. Sometimes just too much. Somehow they just can do speech without prepare. They can automatically be a centre of attention even on new place. Its kind a like magic. And its sexy.
9. Can turn to be good.
One big reason girls love them, bcoz girls think can change this bad boy to be good. With a bit love and care, they think they can change them to be good. It is the challenge. Its hard but also fun at the same time.
10. Use the word.
I can say, yeah they are good for using the word, to sweet talk around the girls. They definitely know how the words would works for girls. So, be careful, not all they said is sweet and meaningful. Most of them just big mouth and done too much flirt.

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2 comments on "10 reason why girls love bad boys"
  1. Ahh.. Gw udah sering banget ngobrol soal hal ini. Pengen nulis soal ini juga.. Nantikan di blog saya ya. Salam kenal :D

  2. hm bikin versimu sendiri yaa..


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