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11 sign that he wasn't right for you

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Actually have a lots of sign that can show you that he wasn't the right one for you. But it depend on you both situation. I'll listed down the general sign, so you could see this sign on your guy..

1. Too much flirt. Online (chat, webcam, wall-to-wall) or f2f. Trust me, this doesn't looks that good.

2. He called you only when he need something from you. He just use you, and you are just a property or a thing not a someone for him. 

3. When he's with you, he always try to change to another topic, not stick to one only at the time.

4. He don't like to meet in public area, as could as he can meet at his or your place (mostly, room). Warning! He might be want something that you will regret soon. 

5. He didn't try to meet you. He wanted u call him first. If he likes you, he will try to meet you, whatever it takes. Times, money, space? Nothing will bother him, he just want to see you!

6. He didn't call the next day after met you. Well, this maybe because he's busy. But, hey! Have you heard the technology that they called a phone, SMS, BBM, or  some chat room? There's plenty of chance that he should make it! If he's not, be patient. Think positive, maybe he is really busy, or he lost his phone, or in 24hrs his time he just can't take a moment to call you? 

7. He pretending listen to your problem, but actually he's not. Why should he care to you if he get what he wanted easily.. That will just waste his time. Most of guy don't do listen to girl problem. Only if you are his exception. 

8. He didn't see you with his eyes. It's lust instead of love. If you are looking for a lust, then maybe this kind of guy is right for you. Lust means do it for fun. Don't put your hope too high that he will see you with his blue charming eye. Forget it! Next!

9. He's not give a respect. He turn you down. A simple way to say, he's not into you!

10. He's not treat you well. Another simple way to show, he just not into you! Move on!

11. He tease you a lots. It depend. If he's your casual friend, maybe he just made a joke. But if its get too personal at the wrong place and time, i will say... how about leave him! Immediately! Sooner is better.. You do not need someone to turn you down. He's not worth  it! 

Its come from experience. But should I say, it will be the same for all people. Experience could be different, depend on personality of the guy..
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