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Aquaria - a Small Ocean in the middle of Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, April 05, 2011
So, last week i went to this nice place. Basically i went there for celebrate my belated birthday (my birthday was at 23rd of March, but because of that in the middle of the week, so i move it into weekend). It's Aquaria, in basement KLCC building. Aquaria is like aquarium, the miniature of ocean (if in Indonesia we have Seaworld in Jakarta, similar but much more HUGE than this), although is not huge enough as an miniature of ocean, but i can say this place is can entertaining you and give you some knowledge of ocean world. Nice, you should come..

Well, it's easy to find it, if you still cant find it, just ask the people.. that's the easiest way.. :p. And, here i wont too much talking or reporting, since i'm not really good on that. So, i have a bunch of picture here (i took it by myself, some of them i edited little bit.. But i will give you a bit story of behind the scene of this time..

So, enjoy!!

So here it is gate of Aquaria..

*left is the entrance fees.. it is expensive for this a small place..
in this small pool they allow you to touch the baby shark. it's slimy.. felt like you touch a dead fish skin.. yeah something like that

See, even the baby crocodile said "hiii...". don't scared he wont bite..

an old fish having a small conversation with a teenager shark. if you see the real size, i can say its huge... 0_O

They are not good looking, aren't they?

-the two fish- "be careful with those shark... when they bite, we are finish!!"

Ouh see this jelly fish.. they are like flying...

And i love this shrimp... he is red and with the white spot.. totally gorgeous!!

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  2. The captions are so funny! :) By the way, you have a great article. I didn't know there is a great place in Malaysia. Hope I could stop by there this weekend and hopefully buy an aquarium fish tank too.


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