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Beastly : A modern day of Beauty & the Beast

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This is about this a classic fairy tale stories that had been there for almost forever. I’m always interested in a good fairy tale story and this ‘Beastly’ one is now one of my favorite books about fairy tale. It is a book, but now a major motion picture available in cinema. I’ve watched the movie, but honestly I love the book even more. Why? Because the book tell you more and in detail about the character, the place, the story, like we read what they think and like we even in the same place like they were.

We all know the story of a girl who in love with Beast that actually a guy who get curse because his worst behavior and then have to find a beauty that can love him the way he is. Then we all know about the Beauty and the Beast. We already have seen Belle sacrifice herself to be the prisoner of Beast to protect her father. We always see the Belle side. But on this book, we will see the Beast side.

Beastly book Summary
Kyle Kingsbury has all things that a guy could dream about. The looks and his celebrity life. He’s a prince that elected at school and his father is the big time news anchor. All the girls in school adore him. He’s surrounded by the Beautiful People, that how they call the popular people that always has a look and rich parents. He always thinks people are nothing without a good look. They even like don’t really exist.
There is have a school dance, and Kyle decide to play prank to one of his English classmate, a girl with green eyes same like her hair, Goth look, overweight named Kendra. He wants to do this as revenge. He invites her as his date, but actually he has his own date. He just wants to humiliate her. But he just got unexpected response. Instead of crying or embarrassed, she’s simply walk out, leave him feel uneasy.
When Kyle arrives home that midnight, Kendra is waiting on his room. She reveals her real identity. She’s not go to Turtle (the school name), she’s don’t go to school at all, or live anywhere, and she’s a witch! She’d seen all ugliness inside of Kyle. She casts a spell on him and that makes him ugly at outside like his inside. He transforms. Not quite wolf or bear or gorilla or dog, but some horrible species that walked upright, that was almost human, with fangs in his mouth, nails changed into claws and hair grew from every pore. She turn him into a Beast!! Kyle will return into human again, if someone could love him back as he loves him, and to break the spell, they would have to prove it with share a kiss. And he has two years time to find that person. Or he will stay like that forever.

Kyle’s know that is hopeless. Who will love someone without a good looking? He thinks that even no one would stay close with a beast. Even his father push him away alone to big house just with his maid Magda and the blind tutor Will with his dog, Pilot. Lucky, Kendra leave him an enchanted mirror, a tool to see outside.
As the time passes, he expand his knowledge with read a lot of books, mostly the classic one like The Phantom of Opera and Frankenstein, learn about gardening and build a greenhouse to grow roses. He even changed his name into Adrian like he wanted to just remove his old identity.
Kyle begins to hope after a junkie breaks into his backyard. He catches him and make the man promise to bring his own daughter to Adrian house in exchange for not going to the police. Kyle watches the man’s daughter from the enchanted mirror, and he recognizes her as a Lindy, one of a student also in his old school, Turtle. He desperately wanted to make Lindy comfortable, so he could have a hope that Lindy would like him and maybe could break the spell. But what if she can’t handle the way he looks? Will she ever learn to trust a Beast? Could she ever love him and break the spell?
We all know about Belle. The beauty, love his dad so much until she could sacrifice herself to be a prisoner of Beast. But what do we really know about Beast? A witch cast a spell on him, turning him into a Beast. How was his feeling to handle that? Who was he before he became a Beast? We’ve never see the story told through his eyes. His heart. His mind. Until now.
I think what young adult author Alex Flinn did to explore the Beast side in Beastly is one of kind a smart one. This story is not just brought us to the Beast mind, but also make the story more modern, but still as a fairy tale she’s not really out of the line. And she (Alex Flinn) came out with the chitchat part in between story sections (the book is broken into some parts). With someone named Mr. Anderson as a lead for transform people. Like SilentMaid (a little mermaid who in love with a guy up the sea and sacrifice her voice to exchange into a pair of human leg), Grizzlyguy (a man transformed into a bear and always talk about the sisters Snow White and Rose Red), Froggie (a frog who needs to be kissed by a princess) and BeastNYC (a beast) as the members.
For me ‘Beastly’ is the wonderfully true to the story of ‘Beauty and The Beast’. it brings all the magic, and its weird to tell but now seems I do believe about magic and the beastly thing after read the story. And I like how the author bring the classy fairy tale story into modern day New York City. And the twist at the end that involving the witch was also unexpected one but great. I didn’t see it would come, but then it happen. Well, it just means I got a surprise at the end. Then it’s about whole fairy tale and magic come at once.
But still the story is re-telling the Beauty and the Beast. And people, mostly teenager love happy ending. And the story wouldn’t be complete if the hero is not one of the beautiful people. So, there is Kyle Kingsbury, a teenage boy with perfect looks and… much more.

Beastly the Movie
Now a major motion picture starring
Vannesa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer & Mary-Kate Olsen

Now about the movie. The storyline basically similar like the book itself. They have the same BIG line. Beastly is a modern story of Beauty & the Beast, taking place in New York during modern times. The story is about Kyle who believes looks are everything, and that without looking good that makes you a nobody. There’s a witch named Kendra who casts a spell upon him in order to learn that it is on the inside that matters the most. However, only if someone falling in love with him even he looks ugly will break his curse. He’s got a year to find someone to fall in love with him.
I love the story in the movie also. Which I think is another example of good movie that maybe would succeed without need to throw much extra. And it’s magical, we can compare with Twilight, but on the simple way of storyline and lighter plot. However, Beastly is its own movie, if we compared with the books. This movie has own story, some changes and little bit lack of acting the player. But Beastly movie bring some good message. The key of this story teaches us that the person has to want to change. Nothing else can change them, which perhaps helps shape this movie into a believable story.

Now on the character. I will say, I am a fan of all of them. Each of them brought something new to the story. Each of them had a clear reason why they were on involved in the story. My favorite character isn’t Lindy & Kyle, which is the two leading roles. In the book, maybe they are my favorite. But in the movie, Vanessa Hudgens is not that good play as Lindy. I know she can do better than that, or anyone else can do better than her. It’s like she has a limit and she act based on that limit. That, one of lack of this movie. Alex Pettyfer do better for his character. Being a beast is not easy, everyone knows that. But in this movie, the beast is not like in the book. The beast is totally normal human, with make up like you have tattoos all over your body, with a zip and scar on your face. The make up they gave to Kyle was really great job. Its looks so real, hard to believe that it was just fake. His team did an excellent job. It must be took more than an hours to get him to look like that. The team of make up on this movie should get an award for those make up part.
If the two leading cast is not my favorite character, then who is that? Well, I just love the girl playing as Kendra. The Gothic make up and wardrobe, and how she, Mary Kate Olsen brought out ‘Kendra the witch’ character just so right and genius. Even until now I can still remember her detail. So dark, so gothic, so weird and really draw an image of a witch in modern times. As a co-star, she brought another something new in this movie, and makes the movie even more interesting. And she also should get an award of her act on this movie.
The second one my favorite is Will character, the blind tutor, played by Neil Patrick Harris. He has own funny style that he brought to this movie, makes more funny and make the audience more than just giggling themselves. The silly part when they shout ‘Whats up!’ when they playing golf at rooftop is kind of weird.

What the cast say about their role in this movie:

But I have some critic for this movie. The movie was way way far from the book. The names in the movie even not the same one like on the book. Its like the movie is build another story, but similar with the book. The ending was completely pointless and dull. It supposed to be full of adventure, excitement and make the audience nervous. They completely change a lots of detail from the book. For the fan of the book, I would say, I disappointed. Because I expect some more detail and right name, place, as like I imagine when I read the book. But based on the movie point, without comparing to the book, the movie was quite okay.
This movie is perfect blend of chick flick, family flick, drama, humor and of course romance. Best of all it was not crude in any way, just a simple movie that was good written, and acted in good taste. I think they did a good job. The homes were really looks real and even the school looked like a school for rich kids.
For the age group can be widely. It’s a perfect for older kids, or families. Its also a good one for adult or young teenager, a couples with a bunch of their friends. It would be ideal for slumber party, girls night out (Alex Pettyfer do a good job with showing his shirtless in the beginning of movie, maybe would make the girl little bit screaming), by yourself, or for a simple family night. It can really reach out of large amount of age groups, which is makes it a great choice for so many at the same time.

For the end of this review, I will say that maybe this movie is not the best movie I have seem so far in this year. For my classic point 1 out of 10, I give it a 8. But this one of the good movie I watched two times on one month. The book? I read 3 times already, since I bought two weeks ago, after I watched the movie first time. This Beastly movie is a type of movie that you can watch again, never be bored even you watched it more than once. This will be a movie that I will buy on DVD, so make it really a good movie for all of us.
But i think, you have to watch this first, then you can make your own judgement.. Hehe.. Enjoy!!
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  1. ok. I watch it 2 times in here (Malaysia). i wish im in Indonesia now, so can watch again for 2 or 3 more times. waiting the DVD coming out later..


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