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Sunday, April 03, 2011
Q : Lust or love?
A : Love. Lust just for fun once, then forget when you woke up at the next morning.
Q : name your 5 favorite foods! A : Sushi, chocolate, cakes, sweet, and no too spicy food.

Q : do you like rainy days or snow days more? A : Well, in my country, Indonesia, we dont have snow day. although i always want to feel it once. so, its always rainy days.. i love rainy days. its good for sleeping.. :D

Q : give me 3 places you would like to go on a vacation! A : Beaches. a country side in somewhere part of England. and a country i never step in before. its good to take picture, i'm learning about photography now..

Q : can you remember your last dream? A : err, not one i can recall

****WAIT!!! don't close your page. if you google and type "random questions" and you landing in this blog, then don't stop reading. It's a random questions i collect from my friend and some sites. If you wanted read more about this blog, you can click that picture with girls jump with "Si Peri Hutan" name on it. I updated often now. more unique poem, top things, dictionary of sweet moments, love letters, and more.. Now, you can continue reading****

Q : how would you describe yourself? A : BITCH (babe in total control of herself), innocent, but not a stylish girl like mostly girls do.

Q : have you ever kissed someone that not in a relationship with you, like just a friend? A : haha!! Yes, I have!

Q : have you ever wrote a poem or short story about yourself? A : definitely!

Q : name it something that you do when you are alone but not you do when in front of people? A : I sing. I dance.

Q : if you have a chance to change a part of your life, what would it be and why? A : nothing to change about. I know it sounds cliche and bullshit, but its true.. If I change something. I may not have life like this. Even a small changed back in past, maybe would be the biggest changed in my future. I afraid it wouldn't be great life like now.

Q : what is your nickname when you are small little girl? A : I found this a bit silly. They called me with different names, Mostly because my body postured, thin tall and slim. But I made some name for my self. It was Vie, Na(still using it sometimes), Neysha, Ney, Finn. That was weird for have that name now. That's why I love my name as fienna.nurhadi. Or name in cyberworld is 'Peri Hutan'. Simple.

Q : who is the last person you imagine before you fall asleep? A : depend on my day. It could be a friend I chat with, or a hot and handsome guy character from the book I read before I'm going to bed.

Q : did you kiss someone before 17? A : yes I did, but it was happened in my childhood with one of my best friend. That was my first kiss actually. Well we were small, too young and tout that wasn't even real kiss.

Q : What is your favorite Mr Potato? A : the blue one, BBQ! I always love BBQ flavor!

Q : have ever think to marry someone from western/foreigner (because I'm asian)? A : haha well I have. That's a dream girl actually.

Q : have you ever think before to have a bf that younger than you? A : haha.. FYI, half of my ex-files is under my age. Younger than me. :p

Q : How you start to make a blog like this Peri Hutan? A : The inspiration comes from everywhere. but it was i wanted so bad to have a blog with an own concept, not about like a teenager diary which is sometimes too much information. and at the same time i love writing. so much! i love share my day, my life into a free poem i called. so here it is. About the name, Peri Hutan. i love about fairies. its small, enchanted, magical, but cheering all the time. and why forest, because Tinkerbell is over cute for my age, too innocent and not that wild.

Q : furry's best friend, cat or dog? A : I always kept cat for my whole life, but I love dog too. I always wanted to have a puppy at home someday..

Q : Describe your signature style! A : well actually I'm not really into style of fashion. Anything that would make me comfortable and wearable definitely is my choice. Even just a simple shirt with jacket and jeans also okay.

Q : team edward or team jacob? A : Definitely Jacob!!!

Q : Are you the type of girl who like hang out outside, like going to party or clubs? A : Well, honestly, i don't do clubbing. as far as i can recall, i never had one. eventhough i always wanna try, just once. Anyone want to ask me out? hehe. Idk, i just feel like that kind of place isn't my place to fit in. Not my place to play in. My place is home. I enjoyed my self spent time with my cat, with family, have my own music at my room, spread the magazine all over the floor and watch some DVD.

Q : are you happy you had this life in your life now? A : ohh totally. I'm free to observe my mind and duniaku. Aku senang bisa berekspresi lebih lg, my dad is really supportive. My day sometimes down, but now its getting really good. I'm having fun with my real and close friend now. This is so much fun!

Q : How you feeling being a Peri Hutan? A : silly question. But its a fun life. I can be a wild child but a calm one at the same time. that not up to people, all is up to me. i have my own control, of my life and my self. Hey I'm in my own forest. my life is wild since i was born. yeah, sometimes i feel lonely, but my friends always here. There's have an Eagle Eyes (friend of Prince of Words), then have Prince of Words (who already went down from his throne, and now he became a person without a crown title. and there's empty space on Prince of Words place until i find my own prince again.

Q : what's the best part about being single, when everyone always wanted to be with someone? A : i'm a free girl. it's free for me flirt with every guy i met or i like. I'm free to explode my emotion, my creativity, even my mind. I'm free hanging out with guys, without afraid someone would get freaking jealous. I have all time with my self, and i enjoy every second of them. Most of my friend who has bf/gf is not free all the time. they have to stick together, everywhere with their partner. You know what, that one is suck. Single is not about status. It's a word that best to describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. Am i right?

Q : Why its hurt more when we lost best friend than a bf/gf? A : Its easy! Coz, a truly real best friend would long last and bf/gf its more personal to you and may be breaking up sometimes. Like my word say as a Peri Hutan, have a bf/gf is enough even just one, but for having a best friend, sometimes even you have a bunch of them, its just not enough.. And when we lost one of them, we will feel so lonely, bcoz best friend created so unique for every single person. if you lost your bf/gf, it would come 1000 more available a single guys out there. but if you lost your best buddy, where you would find that loyal friends like them?

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