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Mr. Grey is Back!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Ok, so here it is. Last time I was promise that I will report to you back about my cat that before I said lost, now has return. Read here, when he was missing.. Yes, Mr.Grey is back!! Really I was like dancing-like crazy around my house and so happy heard and glad he was finally came back home safely. My housemate boyfriend found him, coz he got the news from our neighbor that once he saw Mr.Grey walking in parking lot in ground floor tower C. Then my housemate boyfriend went down with bring along Mr.Grey favorite ball. Once he shake the ball, then that time Mr.Grey running to him, and went home..

My housemate boyfriend said Mr.Grey looks so thin and slim. It was just a week or two he play around out of our house. He never go out before. Even thought he went out, its just near with the door, not more than that. So after that, he said that Mr.Grey looks afraid to go out again, even just front of our door. Maybe he scared to cannot find the house again.

See, how adorable he is...

I was really happy. Mr.Grey is really adorable cat you know. He’s good, well sometimes being naughty, coz his friends yaa just us, the tenant of this house. Our house is in 3rd floor, which is that he don’t have any friends except us the human. Once in a while we brought another people cat to play with him. Or we bring him to our friend house that have cat also, to at least he can still speak his own language with another cat. But its not so often. We are busy. That’s why maybe it was he wanted to go out, to see what is really in outside. He’s really a curious cat (well, I know it sounds wrong.. but he is really). Just FYI, he’s really excited to see what is behind the curtain, so he always disturb me in the morning (he sleep on the same room with me, sometimes we are share our bed :p) so I can open the curtain, so he can see outside world.

But I’m glad that he’s back! I don’t think so I can handle my self if I have to lost him again.. he’s a great cat that i ever had.... love you, Mr.Grey. don't ever runaway again..
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