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QtD 20 April 2011 : My decision

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
"You are not that special, so i wont begging for more.."

This one took long time to think about. But now I'm sure with what i want. Once i apologize about this small mistake i did. No, it was more than once. A lot of sorry this and that. and i was felt so bad about my self.

But now i realize, it's just waste my time, for something useless. Silly, but your answer was "now what you want is to be forgiven or not?" i feel totally stupid.

But now i realize, i don't need ask you for more. i know it was my mistake, and i'm sorry. that's it. that's all. the rest i'll leave it to you and God. you decide, God decide. No need begging too down to get your forgiven. i dont want to make my feeling even more guilty. For God sake, you're just someone i knew good then change to be different and over sensitive.. If you don't want accept me, then don't do it. i don't mind. i can take care of my self.

God, after know you, i feel more mature now.
Then yeah, thanks to you.

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