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QtD 5 April 2011 : I'm not Your Chewing Gum..

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"Hey boy, I'm not your chewing gum. After the sweet gone, then you spill me out?"

When I'm really into you
you just want to play around
you just wanna have some fun
Hey boy, tell us your trick
and how you keep the girls crazy about you
when we think our relationship is serious, you just wanna have fun.
you chewing me into your charming life,
but when you get bored, you throw away our story out of your world.

Hey boy, I'm not your chewing gum. Cheering you up then say bye bye.
Better you watch out with that attitude, or you will never get the real relationship..
Only fake one left for you.
Because you are just a chewing gum boy, love the sweet but never want taste the bitter
Someday you have to learn, life is should be taste the bitter first then you can taste the sweet part.. That's how you should taste the real life, not the fake one like a your gummy ball life..
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