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Sunday, July 17, 2011
this afternoon, i felt so alive. felt so fresh. i was full of my self. i was proud to presented my self to the world. Felt so different. it was so happy.
but i wont denied, after so long time, i feel so lonely.

who like being lonely?
you? or YOU?
me? definitely not one.

it's not something weird if you found me watch the 'it' movie in cinema all alone.
it's not something weird if you found me do some shopping all alone.
it's not something weird either if you found me confused which book i have to grab and pay on cashier on bookstore.

but it's weird for me to found myself walking side by side with more than hundred people around me, but I'm still feel all alone.

i need nobody.
i need someone to complete me.
i need somebody to make me feel alive.
i need a man who can make me always smile and excited to do my day
i need a guy who could be my prince and treat me like his princess
i need someone, he also a guy, to make me feel in love.
Not everyday everyday. But "everyday, everytime!" :)

for first time after long time, i really miss the feeling to have a boyfriend.
See, i said it loudly now.
yeah i need a boyfriend.
The Mr. Right not a Mr. Right Now.
The Prince of Frog, the one i kiss, and he turn out to be my Prince of Words.

For first time after long time, i am someone's nobody.
Well at least that's how i feel.

i miss someone said about me "you are unique" instead of "you are hot"
i miss someone call me "Sayang" instead of "honey, darling, babe"
i miss to have someone that i can tell him, how much i love him. Not everyday. Not everytime we meet. But every time i feel so in love.

Although I still don't know where the hell my Prince now, i know i will find him anytime soon. Just wish me luck!

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