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Playlist of The Month : Awakening August

Tuesday, August 09, 2011
This August is kind a different from me.. the way to August was struggle time for me. i hope this month better lah. So here is this, i list down again 10 songs that always with me since the middle of July until now. but still i count it as Awakening August.. kenapa namanya Awakening August, because i just hope this August give me some new life spirit after those old story that make me and my best friend sad. & this song list would make your day feel like want to dance and jumping and singing everytime..

So here they are :
1. California King Bed

2. Who Says - Selena Gomez

3. Marry You - Bruno Mars
4. On The Floor - Jlo feat Pitbull
5. Rain Over Me - Marc Anthony ft Pitbull

6. I Feel Good - OST Anjaana Anjaani

7. Anjaana Anjaani - OST Anjaana Anjaani

8. Give me Everything - Pitbull

9. What the Hell - Avril Lavigne

10. Desi Girl - OST Dostana

yes, if you can see like i have 4 out of 10 songs are India. and 4 of them are from movie. what to say, they nice songs already live in my life. So what about you?
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