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Shadow - Bintan

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Shadow, Tg. Uban - Bintan
Sunset time, 30th August 2011
by @FZnurhadi

Golden Sunset #2 - Bintan

Golden Sunset #2, Tg. Uban - Bintan
Sunset time, 30th August 2011
by @FZnurhadi

Mentari Berlalu - Bintan

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Bintan Sunset #1, Tg. Uban - Bintan
Sunset time, 30th August 2011
by @FZnurhadi & @fienna_nurhadi
model: @fienna_nurhadi & @fiona_ayu

Bintan Sunset #2, Tg. Uban - Bintan
Sunset time, 30th August 2011
by @FZnurhadi & @fienna_nurhadi
model : @fiona_ayu

Drunk. Intense. High. Love.

Monday, September 19, 2011
Hey there,

I can feel it. Something changed. It's make me drunk of it. It's also intense and high as well.

I wasn't lie, I'm not a liar either. I just didn't say anything to you. Your attention to me was intense. I'm full of it. I feel drunk of it, i feel high of it. But the thing you don't know is, that wasn't me. Not all of it. I need you. Always need you. For my sometimes. For my part time. For my half time. For my sometimes.

I've been alone live with myself long enough. Then you came again. Change a part of me. When you're gone, you took it the small part of me with you. Leave it empty. Then it's full again whenever you come back.

That's not fair, isn't?
You shouldn't just come and go. Like a wind.
No! You are not the wind. And i don't want to make you like a tornado either. Who come to swipes away whatever you see in front of you, and leaves nothing behind.
That's not fair, isn't?

Don't you know that? You!
You are the one who have that intense eyes watch me all day.
You are the one who make me drunk of your intensity.
and you are the one who make me high when you are come to the max with your intensity.

Damn it!
If only i could say it, right in front of you.
If only i could scream it, right on your face.
If only i could how i wanted you know all of it.

I want you! Either a part of you, or a full of you.
I need you to fill up again what's been empty so far in my life.

I know you are not here, yet, now, but i wish...
I wish i can have you for the rest of my life. Wherever you are, when you come closer then i will know it. Although sometimes i can be the tornado to swipe you away. But for sure, i wanted you here. Standing right here, beside me.
Be my prince.
Be someone who will smile on me the end of the day and
whisper it to me how much you love me.
Be someone who will waiting me on the bed at night and cuddling me until i get sleep.
More than that, to be someone who will hold my hands until we both get older and older.

That's what i called "Drunk. Intense. High. It's you. It's Love".

-Peri Hutan-

Still Here

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Hey guys,

if you think I'm gone and this blog is empty and no one's posted again, then you wrong. Because I'm still here. I'm just go out for a while. But as you can see, I still write or post sometimes. I wrote one more tag in here, which is #The Letter i'd never sent. If you confused what is that all about, please don't.

I am Peri Hutan, but I also just ordinary girl. Sometimes i do keep a secret. But sometimes i just want to throw it out, but don't know where i should let it out. Now i have a good place. I will, here. You don't have to read that one, if you don't want to.. No one's know about all those letter i keep, but me. It's interesting to follow them up, as matter fact. They have their own story, secret and reason behind this.

Everyone has their own secret. But it wasn't a sin, if you want to share it, but don't want people to find out it was your story. Hey you don't need telling me either your name. I can use someone else name if you want to. But i do can keep your secret.

Send yours to mine. I'll publish it and hide your identity. I'm here waiting your email..
You know where to find me?

Your story safe with me
-Peri Hutan-

Walk Away Letter

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Hey You,

I know maybe the next time you see me, i would ignoring you. The next time we see each other, i would pretend we never exist. Because i know we wont working out together well.

What i had with you were great time. I was enjoy your company. Those kisses, love-bite, more than thousand minute we spent together at that locked room was great. But i have to admit it now, i was wrong. I was wrong for the whole time we were together. From now on, you wont see me as the same person like i used to be. I wont be your girl who came to your room and to be locked up by your eyes. I wont be your sweet girl who love you only when we were together. And I wont be your friend anymore for the rest of your life. I will stop seeing you, and you will stop calling me or texting me. Don't waste your time on me again, dude, just please don't.

I heard enough what should i heard last time we met. You are not the person who actually will change anytime soon. You are not the person even think a little bit about your future. You said you love your family and your mom so much, but what you have done actually hurting her. The bad from that is actually you knew it. But you still did. Well done babe, someday you will get your own karma.

You are not the person who think about love but lust. You playing with someone else feeling, and even you don't care about it. What you always think is your own satisfaction. Have you full of it already? Or you still want some?

I was in love with you. I admit that. Deep down i know you are a good person. But you changed. I like the old you. Not that the new you. The new you telling me that love is only for those people who are spent their time for nothing but hurt. The new you telling me that love is a myth, that not exist for you now, that love is bullshit full of drama that make people do thing stupid. The new you telling me that love is for people who cant see how life is can be so wonderful without it. Remember you were telling me that you have plan to invite me to your wedding in Iran someday? I beg your pardon sir, for the person who does not believing love, how come a wedding can be your dream?

Maybe just because of you don't believe in love, you don't have a love. I know, deep down in your heart, you just craving of having a love that you should have one long time ago. Or i forgot, that deep down in your heart you actually have a feeling?

You are not that strong for rejecting all love you get from those girls who actually into you. All i can say, be open to love. Someday you will see, that find out your love could be make your life wonderful for each second you pass.

I knew someday, or sometime after this i will missing my steamy partner who look a like Pitbull the singer (you know it's you) around me to kiss me from the back, but i know, i will just fine without you. So do you.

I have a life now and happy with that. I don't want to see you come into the pic again. For you, go with your life. Do whatever you always want to do, i don't care. Just one thing. DO NOT TEXT/CALL ME AGAIN! It will useless. You wont get my reply anyway.

So, we wont seeing each other again?

The Famous Merlion

Sunday, September 04, 2011
The Famous Merlion, Merlion Park-Singapore
5pm, 3 Sept 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Laskar Pelangi from Busung Bintan

Laskar Pelangi, Busung Bintan
6pm, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Beside mini Merlion-Singapore

Beside mini Merlion, Merlion Park Singapore
5pm, 3 Sept 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
model @FZnurhadi
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Flawless Blue-Orange

Flawless Blue-Orange, Busung Bintan
Sunset time, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Girl with Sunset

Girl with Sunset, Busung-Bintan
Sunset time, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
model @fiona_ayu
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset, Busung-Bintan
Sunset time, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by pixlr-o-matic

Quick Post-Still on her Holiday

Friday, September 02, 2011
Hii everyone..

Yes Peri Hutan is back..
Saya masih dalam perjalanan liburan saya. Sekarang ini saya ada di sebelah Harbour Bay Batam, menginap semalam dan akan meneruskan daftar liburan ke Singapore besok.. pastinya dong saya bakal nge post cerita-cerita dari sana. Tau sih, kalian pasti udah rajin lah bolak-balik ke sana, tapi saya bakal ceritain apa aja yang saya kerjain di sana, dan juga foto-fotonya.. Saya masih cari cara sih supaya video amatir saya bisa kalian tonton juga.. kalau gak bisa, yah foto-foto nya bisa kalian lihat di post setelah tanggal 6 september..

makanya pantengin aja nih blognya Peri Hutan biar gak ketinggalan. Sekalian aja di follow twitter saya di @fienna_nurhadi atau follow blog saya.. hehehe, iya sekalian promosi.. saya seneng nambah teman soalnya.

Beberapa hari saya di sana, semoga menarik.. tapi saya masih ada banyak kok foto-foto cantik oleh-oleh saya dari pulau Bintan di Riau ini yang pengen saya bagiin ke kalian.. tungguin di post saya selanjutnya.. tapi saya udah post beberapa foto baru kayak Romantic Sunset sama Sweet Gold Sunset.. Silahkan di cek yaa..

Gitu aja deh, saya udah di suruh-suruh tidur dari tadi.. takut besoknya telat.. ferry jam 7.30am soalnya.. so, see u next time yaa.. hehe..

Love, Peri Huta

To the Future

To the Future, Bintan Sayang
3pm, 1 Sept 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by Instagram

Peri Hutan & Her Smile

Peri Hutan & Her Smile
took by her iPod camera on photo booth apps..

Biarkan saja kalo ada yang mau komentar, 'Peri Hutan genit banget, pake sok-sok took pic of her self', atau 'Ihh gak jelas banget, narsis parah'. Seriusan saya mah gak perduli. Tau gak kalian, narsis itu salah satu jalan menjadi tenar lalu terkenal.. banyak jalan lain sih sebenernya.. tapi saya lebih milih jalan yang seperti ini.. pelan-pelan.. lalu di kenal sebagai penulis blog (dan menjadikan blog sebagai bahan buat tulisan dissertationnya.. huhu).. tapi gak apa-apa. tiap orang kan punya caranya sendiri.. dan inilah cara saya..

Cara kamu?

Family Pics of Peri Hutan

Peri Hutan family members + grandma + cousin
31 August 2011

Sweet Gold Sunset

Sweet Gold Sunset, Bintan Beach
Sunset time, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
without editing, original took by iPod camera

and i swear, the sun was gold like you see now from the pic..

Romantic Sunset from Bintan

Romantic Sunset, one of Bintan Beach
Sunset time, 31 August 2011
by @fienna_nurhadi/Peri Hutan
edited by Instagram

Honestly, I'm in love with this sunset. it was beautiful without editing, but after edit, even more..
i won't took credit of this beautiful pieces, so all compliment i would give to Allah for this amazing thing..
it was really romantic, touching and can make you melt just like that..

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