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Quick Update : January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013
This is my 'Quick Update January 2013'
I know, i haven't writing so much since last year, even for this early year of 2013. But as you can see i have new labels in my blog, which is DIY Project Tutorial. This is my contribution for my own online shop @enchantedlounge that i do together with my sister @fiona_ayu since last year. But the idea of making the DIY Project just came recently. 
Actually, i want to do just 1 project each month.. But it end up doing it almost every weeks, so here i am writing the update so you wont feel left behind. 
So far, i have these 3 beautiful wall art that you can try at home. It's easy, simple and will give you a lot of fun!  

 On the first week, i did this! DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Flower Spread Wall Art. Just click the line and you will end up in the right page. 

For the 2nd week, i did this! DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Abstract Wall Art Painting. Click the line with underline to bring you to the right page. 

For the 3rd project i need around 2 weeks to finish this pieces wall art. It was big size but still affordable for you, if you are still a student. DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Silver Fishcales Wall Art. Click the underline to bring you for the complete tutorial. 

All these tutorial i get originally from Pinterest. I just re-do and made my own. You can do on your own. That's why it called DIY (do it yourself). For those who so lazy to make it, next time i'll think to just sell it my pieces. But i can say, it's way more fun to do it yourself. Try it once, and you'll never know maybe you are creative enough to try another one.. 

What else ya... Oh ya, in the next month, the month of love, February. My brand would go out there to meet you people. We from Enchanted Lounge will meet you in WEEKENDMARKET event at Lapangan Blok S 16-17 February start from 10am-19pm. Be there! Make sure to bring cash only (a lot of cash!) because you will find our cutest and new product there.. i'll post what we have to offer, few days before the event.. 

Okay, gotta go now! See you at our first outdoor market meeting. Follow us @enchantedlounge or @fienna_nurhadi, so you can keep contact with us! See yaa...

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