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Greetings : Hello June!

Monday, June 02, 2014
Time flies, that what people told me. Yeah its true, since we are no longer in May anymore. June is here, bring sunny day to your window. Most of countries have summer, Indonesia supposed to have summer as well, but global warming sort of change the schedule. Still raining few days a week, so it's a bit wet and stormy around here.

Hello June!
As I expected May gave me ups and down. Some people come and go, but the rest stay the same. My job keeps me busy and I missed those times when I can just wake up late and go hangout somewhere and don't have to think about deadline or should follow up to client. I also missed those moments where I can just go to fabrics store, buy some and come back home. Browse ideas through Pinterest is my favorite activity (for those who don't know about an awesome site called Pinterest, it's your big loss! Okay sorry, i was kidding, but for sure you need to open this website, where you can explore your hobbies and get some new ideas, or feel "why i never think of this before? This idea is simple and awesome, and i really have to try at least one!").

But, there's always a consequence for everything we do or we take in life. We need to start learn how to be responsible, at least for our own life. If this life is forever, I would divide them by some post ; Have fun, Learn by Doing, Get the Result.

I think I'm in stage of learn by doing. Learning is not always about school. It could be about what we need to do for living, and we will earn the result someday. By result doesn't mean always money or power, it could be some priceless experience. I still learn what I'm doing right now, hopefully I can earn great result someday in the future.

My top 5 dreams :
1. Become a business women (home decor & fashion skirt would do)
2. Blogger & writer
3. Conceptor (since I can't do design -my drawing is really bad- but my head full of new ideas)
4. Work for traveling (or having a job that would bring me travel anywhere, that would be fun)
5. Bf from outside the country
So, what do you think of this June? Would it be your June, or anything you want to do this month? Which stage you will placed yourself this month? Whatever it is, I hope it brings best luck for you!

Me and my friend, Rea, in a meeting, selfie after dinner. Btw, you should open this apps. Cool apps!
See you on the next post!

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