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This June Obsession : Tulle-vaganza!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014
I believe, each and everyone of us has their own obsession. While mine is tulle. Yes that fabric used for making tutu. Well, you can call me drama queen or anything, but I do obsess with gown that made by tulle, lots of them. It looks so girlie (not that I really girlie myself), elegant and princess-looks like. 

Admit it, which girl in this world had never dreaming become a princess for once? I bet everyone had that dream, or even still dreaming. For most of girl, they would have their dream come true when their wedding day comes. But maybe not all of us would have the dream wedding gown exactly the same like what they hoped before. 

As for me, I should waiting longer to have that moment. But I do love browse it sometimes. To imagine what the dress would look like. It give me feel like a princess already. Want to see what I imagine for my wedding day someday? *grinning Maybe these pictures would at least represent what I want.. 

aren't they beautiful? They are deadly amazing!
I collect those picture from Pinterest (yes, my favorite site to browse great picture), and I saved them on my tablet, so whenever I feel down or need inspiration, I could take a look and feel better again. For most of girls, pretty dresses would make our feeling better although we can't afford to buy it. Hehehe.

Not all of them are wedding dress. Like the white and black below, I guess its a prom dress. The girl stand on the stairs wearing a short dress and outer skirt from tulle, that make her looks like wearing a wedding gown. Pretty right? 

Based on that idea, I create the similar thing. I bought some yard of tulle and made an outer skirt. So, all you need to do just match up with your mini skirt/pencil skirt, and tied up on your hips. Simple but pretty. I made few already, and sometimes i wear them when I get party/wedding reception invitation. It's not as big as those wedding skirt, but it still pretty. Maybe someday I would open a boutique only for outer skirt.. Hehehe...

Meanwhile, I have my own project to make black outer skirt gown made by tulle. It's still on progress, maybe 20%, but I can see already how it will turned on. Hopefully i can get it done before end of this week, because I have plan to wear it for fun photoshoot with my friend later. I would show you the progress on the next post.

Gorgeous isn't it?
Or maybe you have your own fabric obsession? Share with me and tell me why! 
See you on next post! 
XO - Fienna Nurhadi

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