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Sunday, October 26, 2014
Its been long time since last time i posted something for my own blog. I mean, a real post, not just some lyrics post. But anyway, how do you do so far? I hope everything goin well.

I don't know where to start. I've been pretty busy myself lately, for work. I have a job, good one, still in starting level, but i liking it. It's a dynamic world, lot's of thing going on and I'm still trying to makes everything works out. That's my plan for now.

But there's something bothers me. Like everybody else, a job should makes you feel good about yourself. Things that makes you feel you earn something great. It could be a rewards, an awards or just a simple compliment that gave you feeling like, "Wow you really good at this. You should stay and work some more." Lately, i just don't feel that way about myself.

But that feeling comes when weekend's around and i have 2 days to makes my feeling good again and hopefully it will help me go through the weekdays. Somehow, I feel this isn't right, this is wrong feeling, and i shouldn't feel like this way, but it happens!

Day by day, a month and two passed, it didn't get any better. At one point i just want to give up, and just runaway. Far far away from all of this. But again, i cant just do that. A small part of me, tell that i should finish what i started, at least for some time. I should get up and face the problems in front of me. And i know what is the problem. My idealistic heart and mind. These both things (mind and heart) wanted me to do something else. Something that I even never learn it before on school ground. Something that i feel just fall of from the sky and hit my head. Something that i really wanted to do so freaking bad and makes me feels great about myself. This thing makes me crazy and messed my mind because I kept pending it. Something that most of people say i should do earlier or now.

Maybe i just cant do it now, or this year. But hopefully if i can make it until next year, and i'll try to makes my dream comes true. Next year baby, it will be pretty excited year for me and myself. Maybe i care about having lots of money on my pocket, but i care about my heart too. I dont want feeling shit about myself too long.. I think everybody would wanted the same way. Have a great feeling about their self. Work their ass off, and can earn so much from it. That want i wanted too.

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Maybe next year could give me so much thing, more than this year. Next year i want to start over, with career I choose for myself, making things i love the most, give it or selling it and makes people happy with my things. It would feel million times much better. I hope so.

But for now, I still get some things that makes me feel good about myself. Almost every weekend, i could meet my favorite person, have some quality times with him. I start to actually write again, and work on my writing project. I do different projects every weekend that makes me feel soo excited!
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I hope next year i could do it anytime, and maybe makes money from it. How cool is that! Maybe it isn't perfect, and i still need time to make it better, but these projects is my world. I feel i belong here. My passion is this. Making things. Be a craftwomen.

For whoever out there, who have the same feeling like me, you should know that you aren't alone. It takes time to get to your passion, don't worry you will get there eventually. DO things that makes you happy the most, there are the heaven of your world. I hope you all get your own happiness and heaven, anytime soon. I hope I could get my own sooner.
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