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Greetings : Happy New Year 2015!

Thursday, January 01, 2015
Another year passed, did you realize how fast time flies? I'll be 27th by this March. Damn, such a big number, and getting bigger and I'm not getting any younger.

Lemme guess, before you head up to your new years eve party, you must be got your own list what will be your new resolution for the new year? Everyone does that, and guess what, only few percent of them are actually doing it. Even I forgot what I wrote for my resolution, right after a month. How ridiculous! 

How about let's stop making list of what you wanted to do or what you really wish could be yours in this new year? Let's just do it instead. Have some fun while reaching it. I think it will be more meaningful than just a scrap of paper full of your plan. Guess what, plan mostly not gonna work if we only keep planning, but never do one. Screw them, let's have some fun! A process of making what you dream of, will be more memorable than just a list of plan. 

It's 2015 already! I'll do what my friend just told me through voice message, let's kick some ass!!

Happy New Year 2015!!

Let's this new year 
inspire us little bit more and hope it will bring you great luck!
Let's kick some ass!!

XOXO - FiennaN
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