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First Goal of 2015!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello people! 

Time flies harder these days. Sekarang kita sudah sampai di penghujung bulan Januari di 2015 ini. Okay, masih ada 1 minggu lagi untuk di habiskan dan di nikmati sebelum kita bertemu dengan bulan Februari, yang kata kebanyakan orang adalah bulan cinta. Yep, love will be all over the place on February, around second week to be exact. 

Nah, what you've done so far in this rainy January? Di Indonesia sendiri, bulan Januari ini basahnya hampir merata. Di Jakarta sendiri hampir setiap hari kan kita di guyur hujan. Baru dengar tadi, kantor klien di daerah Sunter pun terkena dampak banjir, sehingga karyawannya di liburkan. Envy them. 

By the way, post ini bukan tentang banjir di Jakarta sebenarnya. I'd like to say that my first goal in 2015 is officially done! Saya memulai blog ini di tahun 2010, dari menggunakan nama di awal cerita, hingga akhirnya berubah dengan domain yang menggunakan nama sendiri di tahun lalu (I was really excited by then). Tapi seperti kebanyakan kasus yang terjadi pada Scannerian seperti saya (I'll tell you about this some other time, promise), I'm easy to get distracted and swept away. Then one day, I look into this blog again and it seems pretty a mess. So I decide to clean up a bit and add few elements. 

Then here we comes again. So far, saya sudah merapikan contents dan memasukkan ke kategori label yang lebih sedikit. Tapi masalahnya, terkadang ada sebuah post yang bisa mencakup beberapa kategori. Ah, I'll figure it out later. For now, it seems pretty decent. 

And I put my picture on the right side (bigger than before, it makes me learn about css little bit), and my instagram. Visit me anytime. Follow me this time. Hahaha. 

Last, I wish you could done your first goal in 2015 and be happy with it! 

Have a great day! 


Greetings : Happy New Year 2015!

Thursday, January 01, 2015
Another year passed, did you realize how fast time flies? I'll be 27th by this March. Damn, such a big number, and getting bigger and I'm not getting any younger.

Lemme guess, before you head up to your new years eve party, you must be got your own list what will be your new resolution for the new year? Everyone does that, and guess what, only few percent of them are actually doing it. Even I forgot what I wrote for my resolution, right after a month. How ridiculous! 

How about let's stop making list of what you wanted to do or what you really wish could be yours in this new year? Let's just do it instead. Have some fun while reaching it. I think it will be more meaningful than just a scrap of paper full of your plan. Guess what, plan mostly not gonna work if we only keep planning, but never do one. Screw them, let's have some fun! A process of making what you dream of, will be more memorable than just a list of plan. 

It's 2015 already! I'll do what my friend just told me through voice message, let's kick some ass!!

Happy New Year 2015!!

Let's this new year 
inspire us little bit more and hope it will bring you great luck!
Let's kick some ass!!

XOXO - FiennaN

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