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DIY Gold Chanel Melting Wall Decor

Friday, April 24, 2015
Dripping or melting logo especially Chanel isn't the new trend anymore. It's been all around Tumblr for quite sometimes. But when first time I saw this tutorial from my favorite Youtuber @LaurDIY, I feel like I need to do this. It's really simple DIY and looks great too on your wall or your desk. So chic!

Let's get started. Here's what you need for this DIY :
  • A photo frame. I use A4 size from IKEA
  • A gold paint / marker pen
  • A pencil & an eraser
  • A blank paper (A4 size)
1. For the first step, you need to create Chanel logo using lips part of mug, make sure it enough size (not too big and not too small), make it two round facing each other. And make another 2, with bigger sizes for the out liner. Or if you want the easier part, search Chanel Logo from Google, print it and cut it. Make it as a template for the logo. When you are done, make it bold line for the logo, so it will easier for you to trace it with gold paint / pen.

2. The second part is the best and fun part. Now using your pen marker, create outline from line that you already have. Then the fun part begin. Start coloring your Chanel logo with gold pen marker. Try to follow the line. You can't really
see the different, but def would looks so much better.

3. Fill it the blank space until all filled like this picture on the left.
4. For the melting / dripping effect, make a straight line down. As simple as that. It's up to you to make how long the dripping should be, don't make it all at the same length. Make it as random as possible. As the usual dripping chocolate, not all have the same length, right?

Don't forget to put in your gold dripping Chanel logo into a frame. Unless you make it on a canvas, then you should hang it on your wall. And you are done! 

How was it? I did mine last night, and I still love it! It's easy to make and absolutely looks gorgeous too! Make it yours and hang it on your blank space wall. If you want something different, you could try on black paint canvas. The gold color would pop out for sure on the black canvas. Hm, I think I want to make it one later.

See you on the next DIY post!

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