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DIY Inspiration Board

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Fantasy/Inspiration Board

It's been a while since my last time done a tutorial post. 

So to refresh our skill on making things lovely, here's a post about DIY Inspiration Board. Before I want to call it as Fantasy Board, since it's an F letter on the board, but Inspiration Board name would make it anyway. 

Here's what you need to make this simple board : 
  • Styrofoam (mine size 60cm x 40cm)
  • Thick carton, same size with the styrofoam
  • Any fabric you love (mine was from IKEA)
  • Cutter 
  • Pencil 
  • UHU glue, or you can use hot gue
  • Scissors
  • pencil
  • Thumbtacks (color gold or silver or what color you like)
  • Pinter  
This is how you make it :
Cut the carton, same size like the Styrofoam. Place it on top of each other. Some styrofoam has color on one side, so make sure the blank white side on top.
Place it your choice of fabric on top of it. Make sure you iron it before, because sometimes they have wrinkle after folded quite sometimes. and make sure you make cut few inch bigger than your Styrofoam
(this for attach on the back. you can trim/fold the excess later on)

Here's what it looks like after you flip it over. The next thing I did was glued on the edge of the carton, to paste the fabric with the carton. I lost my stapler gun, that's why I use this way. To make it even strong, I use thumbtacks instead. I need to use little bit force, because my carton was really thick.

After you done with 4 side of the edge, it would looks like this. When you glued 4 side on the back, it's like you wrapping a box of present. At this point, you basically done making your own Inspiration Board. Yeay!! 
Next, prepare your thumbtacks, because we gonna start accessorize the board. This totally optional. You can do this, or maybe you have your own way to decor it. Totally up to you. But what I did with my board was to gave 11 thumbtacks on every corner of the board. It would make some kind of border, like on the picture below.. 
I gave it also a 'F' initial on the middle of it. F could be #Fantasy, #Fashion, #Fabulous, #Female or even my initial name Fienna. The color of thumbtacks give special feeling on top of white fabric. 
Don't forget to start pin your favorite page on fashion pick up from magazine, or best quote you see somewhere, and start to feel inspired from your own Inspiration Board! 

See you on the next DIY Tutorial! 
Love - Fienna N 

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