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50 Q&A Random but Fun (Part 1)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

After answering 50 Questions that you can ask to yourself Part 1 & Part 2 (just click the underline to see my answer), now it's time to read some fun stuff and as random as possible. Let's the quiz begin!

1. Q : What was the last book you read?
A : Indiepreneur by Pandji Pragiwaksono. It's about how to make money from your passion. Great book, reading it like read a story that Pandji told.

2. Q : Do you like roller coasters?
A : I think if I brave enough to ride it, I'd like it.

3. Q : Day or night?
A : Well, depend. But I like sleep late and really not a morning person.

4. Q : What do you hear right now?
A : Not much.. My office today is really quiet, only sounds of printer and some music that I play on my iTunes that i can hear. and probably my tummy saying that 'I need food. Give me some food'.

5. Q : What would you name your son or daughter if you had one?
A : I think one of them I'd name them Skylar and my son would be Bara. Bara means the fire flame. For Skylar, I don't know, I just like to hear that name, even before I know one actor named the same.

6. Q : Do you want kids? Why or why not?
A : Well, although somehow kids hates me for some reason, I'd love to have kids on my own.

7. Q : What's your favorite memory with your best friend(s)?
A : To saw her drunk (it might be her first time) and did something to her ex-bf that makes both of us laugh out loud whenever we talked about it. It was on college by the way.

8. Q : How many times did it take you to pass your driver's test?
A : Maybe once.. I already can drive before i took driver's test.

9. Q : The scariest dream you had?
A : It's too scary and I don't really remember

10. Q : The last thing you ate was....
A : Chicken with red sauce

11. Q : How tall are you?
A : 171 cm, tall enough without heels.

12. Q : A band you want to see live is....
A : Not really fans of any specific band, but I'd love to see Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and his peps again, and maybe Taylor Swift someday.

13. Q : Do you have a hero/someone you look up to? If so, who?
A : My Dad, obviously.

14. Q : Do you like to swim?
A : No. I don't do swim. I can't swim. I don't know if its a disorder or what, but whenever I'm in the pool, I'm starting to panicking.

15. Q : Things you look for in a guy/girl?
A : Another wow and simple question but it got me thinking. Actually their appearance is the first one, then quality and how they can make me enjoy to be around them for a long time (chemistry).

You are still with me? It's fun, right? Finish it read this post and you can comeback tomorrow for some more Q&A part 2!!

16. Q : Has a book/movie ever upset you?
A : Book, so far so good. I like the way I can imagine better. Movie, some movie makes me upset because its below my expectation. Like Minion.

17. Q : What was the first instrument you learned to play? (if any)
A : Angklung, traditional music made by bamboo, and gamelan (traditional music intrument and it was keyboard.

18. Q : Some of your hobbies include...
A : Make a dress like total project runaway. Like really in rush. I had wedding invitation on Saturday or Sunday, I'll start to looking for all material on Thursday, make it on Friday and hopefully it would looks just great on the Day.

19. Q : How do you deal with anger?
A : Most of the time I'll just go some place to calm it down. Because I learned it in hard way when we were angry, better be not talking anything to anyone, unless I don't care about what's gonna happen next.

20. Q : Something you like about your appearance is ....
A : I look younger than my real age, and quite taller compare to other girl, so I don't really need high heels to makes me looks tall, unless I want it too.

21. Q : What was the last movie you watched?
A : Two night stand and The age of Adaline.

22. Q : Do you have a favorite ghost story? What about a personal ghost story?
A : I don't like ghost story.

23. Q : Where is the farthest from home that you've gone?
A : This by country? Hm it would be UAE, for Umrah. For study I went to Malaysia and Cambodia (for study tour).

24. Q : Have you met anyone through Tumblr that you'd like to meet?
A : Not from Tumblr.

25. Q : Do you look like your parents?
A : I don't know. People who saw me before said I looks like my Mom.

Wait, I'm not done yet. You can see the next part of this Random but Fun Q&A tomorrow. This time I'm not gonna miss it, you not gonna missed it either. It's on scheduled already. 
So, I'll see you in the next post, Part 2!
XO - Fienna N
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