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50 Q&A Random but Fun (Part 2)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Like I did before, this my next post about 50 Q&A Random but Fun Part 2 (If you missed the first part, you can read it HERE PART 1). I can't really tell what this is about, unless you read it one by one. Since it's random like its titled, mostly they aren't related to one another. Answering these bunch of questions is really fun! You should do it. Take this as #TagYourFriendsChallenge.. If 50 sounds too much for you, you can sort it out into 25 only, and post it onto your instagram account with your pretty summery smile and your hand holding ice cream with cone. Sounds you had so much fun already!

So, let's hit the post guys! Enjoy!!

26. Q : Things you have in common with your parents?
A : With mom, we both loves baking. With dad, we both like decorating and we both loves Apple product.

27. Q : What is to the right of you?
A : My iPhone, wallet, and notes. Still at work.

28. Q : A favorite memory with a sibling?
A : Enjoying our family holiday at my grandmother place in Bintan. It was wonderful times to remember.

29. Q : What is something you wish you'd done?
A : Pick a better major when I was in college. It would be a complete different story than now. Actually, I wish I know my passion earlier.

30. Q : What are some of your favorite blogs/Youtubers?
A : LaurDIY, Michelle Phan, Lauren Conrad.

31. Q : Do you sing in the shower?
A : I do, sometimes. But I sing all the time when I drive. Like no one would care anyway. My car, my rule. Hahaha.

32. Q : Something others have described you as...
A : The super skinny Fienna, or some of them would call me creative since I like to write and do art-craft thingy.

33. Q : Name of every pet you've had...
A : Wah I think I would make pretty much the list. I had mostly cats. It was Snowy, Kuro, Yuki (Snowy and Kuro were couple and had few kittens, one of them was Yuki. Now all of them dead. It was few years back), Grey (Grey was a male cat, persian and adorable. I had him back in Malaysia. He died when I was doing my internship, the story crashed me badly). Another Grey and Mas Boss (both of them my best friend gave me for birthday present. and both of them were lost few months after. Sad and it breaks my heart). Now I have Putem (this one actually my neighbor cat's, but since they are not treat him well, so I 'adopt' him. He follow me around every time I'm home. Such a cute one). When I was in Malaysia I had one guinea pig, named Shocky, since every time he got shocked, he makes noise. 

34. Q : Your favorite superhero?
A : Easy. Sailor Moon was the first and I always want to be one of them.

35. Q : Two of your fears are...
A : Dark places and out of battery.

36. Q : What you're majoring in college/what you plan to major in...
A : I was majoring communication advertising, but I wish it was design product. And I want to do next is creative marketing.

37. Q : What is your favorite season?
A : Indonesia doesn't really have season. But I like winter, since I never see snow (I see it through tv show) and autumn looks great.

38. Q : What is your current favorite series to watch during your free time?
A : Seriously? This would makes long list.

39. Q : Why your best friend is your best friend?
A : Silly question. Because they know me somehow better than i know myself, and i know them and i enjoy their company.

40. Q : How did you come across your favorite band/singer?
A : Through soundtrack of movie i guess.

41. Q : Occupations you wanted as a little kid?
A : I never dream to be a crafter, but i was wish to be a doctor. Well, every little kid always want to be a doctor. They just don't know yet, how hard to be one.

42. Q : Are you an introvert or extrovert?
A : Can't i just say, both. Or little bit both.

43. Q : When was the last time you drank?
A : Water? Just few minutes ago. Alcohol? I don't drink them.

44. Q : How many pillows do you sleep with?
A : More than 4.. Small small pillow and some of them are so fluffy.

45. Q : Are you a "safe" driver?
A : Hahaha. You should ask to those people who had been experience drive with me. Well, so far it's safe, i guess. Because i haven't get into major accident, yet.

46. Q : Something that's bothering you right now?
A : My car still with my brother, while I drive my father's car, and I keep thinking about this one guy I met yesterday.

47. Q : How many CD's do you own?
A : I don't know. I don't collect CD anymore, most of album I bought in digital form.

48. Q : How many books/magazine do you own?
A : A LOT! LOL, like really a lot.. I love reading magazine and collect them (So, I have the e-book version and hardcopy one).

49. Q : How many aunts and uncles do you have?
A : More than 10 for both side.

50. Q : Top 5 (Something)
A : You really should read my blog more. I wrote down a lot of top 5 this and that already.. But for this one I'd make top 5 of random stuff I love personally : 1. Love love driving alone, its me-time. 2. I named almost everything I own, like my car (Jazzy), my old mac laptop (Levi, inspired by character my favorite actor played), my neighbor cat (Putem). 3. I like lipbalm more than lipstick. 4. Don't really like wear skirt, except for special occasion and it has to be something with glitter or glamour. 5. Whenever I date someone, I'll wait quite sometime (like more than 6 months) to finally get him to meet my parents.

I'll see you on the next post! Have a great weekend universe!!

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