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15 Interesting Q&A with Me

Friday, August 21, 2015

I always love quiz and interview, it feels like searching our limit when facing some questions. , and I'm starting to think that I want to do this weekly. That's why I come up with 'Friday Fifteen' every Friday. It will be more than a Q&A, that's why you should subscribe so you wont missed it out.

You can send me your questions for me or if you have general topic you want me to write via email : fienna(dot)nurhadi(at) or my Instagram & Twitter : @fienna_nurhadi. No need to wait more, here are my answer for some interesting questions : 

1. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
A : Movie ticket for Inside Out movie last night on IMAX, it was GREAT movie. Very recommended.

2. Have you been pulled over by a cop?
A : Yeah, a couple times.

3. Do you know your heritage?
A : You meant family heritage. Yeah, I think I know. My dad and his family told me once.

4. Have you ever danced in the rain?
A : Yesh I have. It was good, you should try. But I got cold after that.

5. What is your blood type?
A : It's A, and my (real) name also started from an A. A for awesome!

6. Have you ever been in a car accident?
A : Not a major one. My first car accident was 3 years ago, when it less than a month after I got my first car (still drive the same one ever since).

7. Best compliment you have received?
A : Wow, how creative you are!

8. Do you trust anyone with your life?
A : Hm yeah, I think it's probably my dad. I trust him more than anyone. And also my good friend, especially when he's driving.

9. What is your greatest strength or weakness?
A : Tough question. My weakness, I'm easily get bored with something. My strength, when I love something, I'd love them hard, and I'm pretty loyal too.

10. What is your perfect pizza?
A : So far as long as there's mozzarella cheese, salami, a lot of beef, a bit paprika, mushroom & pineapple. Yummy. Okay, I'm hungry now, let's order one!

11. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
A : Okay this is random (I actually did say this to my self). Why I dreamed about Kanye West and that boy (actually he is in the same age with my younger brother, and he's cute. I had crush on him once).

12. Do you get along with your family? Why or why not?
A : Yeah, I do. Fight sometimes, but still we are family. Where would I hide from them?

13. Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?
A : Another tough question. I think I'd prefer ugly and live forever.

14. You discover that your wonderful one year old child is because of a mix up at the hospital and not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake?
A : Hm maybe not. Because she/he is my kid by then. We had memories. But I'll let the other parent's know and do the exchange when the kid little bit bigger.

15. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you to be and what would you do?
A : Actually I really don't know, haven't think about it, so I'll think about this later..

So, do you already have an idea what to ask me? It could be anything, as long as it's appropriate. I'll be waiting here for your questions. See you on the next post! Enjoy!

5 Ways to Being Happy in the Middle of Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter life crisis. I've been join this club (they aren't really a club), few years ago. After I graduated college in age of 23's, I feel like little bit empty inside. Not sure what I'm gonna do after. I know I should just kick my ass back to my country and apply for a job (hopefully the right one) to dozen company until I get one. But at that time I wasn't the person who like to work behind the desk for 9-5 (it sounds so boring to me and I still don't like it till now). The younger me loves college life so muc, but I have no choice than to go back to my own country and start a new life like everyone else.

Now, 4 years later, I am still far behind what I'd expected when I graduated. My dream is to be able stand on my own, doing my own (small) business and don't need to work behind desk 9-5. Other than that, in my 27's still pretty aimless, moneyless and manless at the same time. Pretty much in the middle of quarter life crisis I am right now. Lol. But, the good side of this story is, I have pretty much everything I need to keep me going and makes me still happy. For this one, I bet you also have the same basic things that also will help you to get through this life crisis.

Are you confused about this quarter life crisis, or is it you are really get into one? Well, you can check yourself out whether you are in this crisis or not with these 25 signs you're in the middle of quarter life crisis post I found in other day by Buzzfeed. Couple important questions in this crisis are, which one you would prefer, getting married soon and become a housewife or build up your empire of career because you have no partner in life at the moment? Don't worry, everyone would ask some responsible answer of your life at some point, when you actually still feeling like your life still wanna have fun like when you are in age 17/18 yo. But here's some ways to keep being happy while you face to face with this crisis : 

1. Family 
Although I am not really a family kind of person, I still love and enjoying my time with my family. Both my parents are busy, my dad and I meet only few times in a month. But we have some quality time over dinner. Family is our home when everything gets hard, like they will love you unconditionally, no matter what you getting through in life.

In some time, I also enjoy hang out with my cousins. We travel together couple times in a year, have this 'family kongkow (hangout time)' when we get together for special event. Although most of us are apart, still there's always a way to find some quality time. I like to see each and every one of us grow in different path but still together. Family time are the best, you can't compare with others.

2. Friends and Best Friend
Everyone need friends and at least a best friend. They are the one that gonna light up part of your world other than family. Even the darkest part of your life that you had, will feel so much better if you have your people around you. It will feel so much lighter and definitely will give you more laughter than you alone.

But you can have as much as you can possibly have friends around, can't compare with having your best friend in your side whenever you feel down or get dark. Quarter life crisis is harder than any crisis for some people. Having your best friend is one of the best solution. Although she/he can't give you solution of your problem, their company will give you at least better mood. Feeling lonely and alone in this crisis are the worst.

3. Your Dreams & hobby
For those who likes dreaming (sleep and dream high), having your dream in your mind will give you extra strength to keep going, although it might not happen anytime soon. But still. Actually, this one will help you keep sane in a way to get through this crisis. It may help your booster your mood. It what happen to me. Whenever I feel down, just think of my dreams and I will meet weekend soon enough to do my hobby, well crisis, I'm gonna hit you hard.

4. Me-time
We all have different description about me-time and what we are gonna do about it. For me, sometimes it just me and my drive my car around town. I enjoy driving long hours, because it's only me and him (yes I mostly called him) for few hours, nobody else. I can sing, I can tell, I can scream, it wont hurt anyone else, and no one's care anyway. Those time help me much better with problems, because I can talk to myself (yes I do speak to myself in my car because no one will think and look me like a weirdo). Absolutely a great times for me-time, better than just stay at home and doing nothing.

Although, other than driving around the city, I do still love roaming around the mall, just to watch people, get a cold frappe, have my self hair treatment and watch movie alone. I think that's a definition of me-time for girls. Hahaha. 

5. This blog :
I wouldn't lie, its need so much effort to keep going with what I have so far. But this blog always remind me to keep doing what I love to do in the middle of this crisis, which is writing. I created this blog long time ago because I was feel lonely when I study abroad. Last year I changed this blog domain name because I feel I need to do something to keep me happy, with something under my name. Believe it or not, this blog is one of my simply happiness. That's why I keep looking for some good topic for me to discuss and for my reader to read. This one just full of fun thing while doing it.

Whatever you're doing to keep yourself going while this quarter life crisis facing you, keep doing that as long as its positive. It's good to have place, someone or things to booster your mood and help you get through the rough day. As long as you keep doing what you love in the middle of something you hate, makes that 'zero nothing' become 'huge something', stay young and creative.
Don't forget to tell me your version of keep being happy in this middle of quarter life crisis on the comment box down below. I'll come back with another #Personal post, next week!

3 Cemilan Baru di Bogor

Thursday, August 13, 2015
Sepertinya ini kali pertama saya menulis tentang review makanan, terlebih cemilan. Nah, mumpung weekend di depan mata, yang mau mencoba cemilan baru di kota Bogor, boleh banget nih mencoba 3 Cemilan Baru yang lagi mulai ngehits di kota Bogor. 

#1 Churrio Churros
Kamu bisa temukan mereka di sebelah Vamilk di jalan Pandu Raya, Bantarjati - Bogor. Buka setiap hari dari jam 4 sore sampai jam 7 malam dan tutup di hari Senin. Buat yang malas keluar rumah, kamu bisa delivery order kok (dengan minimum order). Untuk info lebih lanjut, bisa cek Instagram mereka ya. Harga mulai dari Rp 23K, cemilan satu ini punya beberapa rasa yang patut dicoba dan dipping yang enak.

#2 Bite Donut 
Bite Me Wise (BMW) Donut bisa kamu temuin di 3 lokasi berbeda di Bogor. Mereka ada di Jln Panduraya (di seberang Vamilk), di Cisarua dan juga di Cipaku. Tanya lebih lanjut tentang mereka lewat Intagramnya ya. Saran saya sih, pesan langsung aja, karena donut mini ini cepet banget sold outnya. Apalagi dengan ukuran mini, topping yang beragam dalam 1 box, kamu pasti ketagihan! 

#3 Comouflice-Cream 
Satu lagi nih cemilan manis yang patut dicoba kalau kamu datang ke Bogor. Camouflice Cream menyajikan ice cream dengan topping seru dalam pot. Iya dalam pot! Ada 2 menu yang bisa kamu coba. 2-2 nya mirip banget sama tanaman asli, tapi dijamin enak. Cek Instagram mereka ya buat info lebih lanjut.

*Image yang ditampilkan sudah seizin Churrio Churros, Bite Me Wise & Camouflice

See you on the next post and don't forget to leave your comment on the box down below if you like it!
XO - Fienna N

9 TOP Apps That Makes your Life Easier

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
The story behind this post is come when I read a post on Bloglovin. She wrote about 5 Apps that will help you reduce stress (or something like that). Then I think I should do my version (See, my version. I feel inspired by her post) of apps that actually makes my life easier. So here they are (most of them I believe already you had, but I'll still write it anyway, in case you still need it) :

You probably think that you need nutrition specialist for your diet, but before you spend more money to hire someone just to let you know how much food you should eat each day, better be you download this app. This app will help you to calculate how many calories in your lunch or how much more you need to fulfill your needed. One of my favorite, because this app can calculate every food I type. You think you need to do diet, this one will be your pal!

Hm.. I admit, I'm not really into gym thing, but even that I still find this apps is helpful. It feels like having the personal trainer (which is will cost you a lot). There's few exercise you can choose : Strength, Cardio, Yoga & Stretching, or if you want to combine you can choose + Custom Workout. This app also will help you get the right move with video that they have. Smart choice for daily workout!

Clue is basically an app for track down your period. It will help you to predict when is your next cycle (not always exactly right, but it helps). You can also input your daily mood, fluid, period (light, medium, heavy or spotting), what kind of pain you feel, how your sex today and else.  

Finally! One of my favorite apps and it's help me a lot when it comes for editing picture and add some stickers. If you are wondering, what app I used for editing image (mostly for Greetings monthly), I use this Fuzel College. Although I should warn you that not all stickers or theme in this apps are free, but do not worry, because they are really fun and easy to use. And they also often do discount or promo for new things. You really should have this! Don't forget to check their Instagram for daily inspirations @fuzelapp.

Since I love blogging and read blogs, this one is have must apps (or you also can read through desktop). How it makes my life easier? Because I can find my favorite blogs feed all in one place (as long as that blog have RSS feed). Easy. So I don't need to jump from one site to another just to fulfill my blog post craving (I know, where I've been so far).

This famous all in one inspirations source that we all love also one of my favorite app. Who doesn't love Pinterest? Seriously, you must be haven't feel the life yet. Just kidding. But I'm not kidding when I say you should have this app on your phone or/and your iPad/tab. This one helps me through the day, just to see beautiful pieces of art, or search fun DIY project to do for weekend or simple yet healthy meal. All things in one app. BOOYAH!

Scannable will help you to scan, save and send your important file. I find it helpful, especially when the image I need to scan is pretty big (like more than A4 big -- most of printer scanner are only A4 size big) like half page of newspaper (5col x 380mm, don't ask me how do I know the size. As an Account Executive and works with newspaper, its a basic thing. Lol). Trust me, it will helps you more.

Who doesn't know Shazam? This one helps you to give you at least song title from a random song that you heard from radio or somewhere else. Well, most of us maybe have love some music but just don't know who sing it, then this one is one of must have on your phone. 

Now, let's get serious. If you are like me, who pretty bad on managing money, then it's time for you to have money managing apps. I use this one, because it's simple and easy. Who said managing money would makes your life living hell?

So, how is it? I hope one or two or most of these apps will help you makes your life at least little bit better.
See you on the next post!

Greetings August : Let's Start for a New Adventure!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Ahh Yes!
Finally August is here! We already passed half of year 2015, there's still another 6 months for have fun before we wrap up this year! So, have you got new plan to do in this month? Well, for me, I guess I already make a list for what I wanna do in this beautiful month called August! 

For this month posts, I've been preparing some material that I'll post it later on. Couple #DIY Project for you to try, one movie #Review for you to read (and watch later on your free time), and hopefully I can give you at least one hangout places #Review by the end of this month. 

What else for this month, if you may ask. My favorite TV show from ABC Family will airing again. New episode of Switched at Birth on 24th of August and Young & Hungry on 19th of August. I couldn't be happier. Can't wait for story of Bay and Emmet and of course Josh and Gaby. You seriously need to catch them, because they really great and I love them!!!  

Hahaha, so yes that's my few plan for this month, hopefully everything can goes well. Before I end this month #Greetings, I would like to share one of my personal life story I got last night. I admit, my personal life sucks in few department. I don't know why, it just not work well. But I guess God always listen, eventhou He didn't answer right away. 

My last relationship was 2 years ago (and yeah now I'm still single and happy). It started with summer fling, then we got closer and I fall for him, hard. I still remember, it was 3 days after our-little-short getaway-from-the city, he suddenly act weird and called off the relationship. I was devastating. Confused and seriously don't know what was happen. He stop text and gone just like that. I know he was there, but he just not really 'there' anymore. Dealing with it was really hard. 

Less than a month after that, his name suddenly come of again on my phone screen. He said he wanted to be my friend, I said yes and he bring his thunder. He officially have a new gf in his heart. For God sake, it was less than a month since we broke up. I was still little bit confused, and even more with his visit. I swear and ask to God, please make him feel hurt as much as I felt before. Somehow I feel betrayed, and I wish he gets what I feel.. 

2 years passed and he make a statement last night. He realize that maybe God punish him right now. A month ago he broke up with his gf, and now the ex get a new guy. I guess karma hit him damn hard right now. He didn't say sorry thou, he just said now he knew what it feels like to be me 2 years ago. 
Read that statement, makes me smile and say, "Finally God answer my wish. I hope you learn things from this in a good way." 

I know it's bad to swear something bad happen to someone else. But when you get hurt really bad, it just happen and you just can't help it. It was 2 years ago, I get through it well. It was hard, I admit but that experience makes me stronger, maturing and help me to see things better. I hope he could handle his experience just like I did or maybe even better, and do not play with someone else life again. I don't do believe in karma by the way, it just that I believe whatever we did in the past to others (good or bad) someday we gonna get the same price.

I would like to give you this video that you can watch whenever you feel down about your self after bad break up, so you can lift up yourself and start enjoying life again. This video made by Raditya Dika with title "Kepada Orang yang Baru Patah Hati".

Happy August, and don't stop making new adventure, guys!
See you in the next post!
XO - Fienna Nurhadi

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