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Greetings August : Let's Start for a New Adventure!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Ahh Yes!
Finally August is here! We already passed half of year 2015, there's still another 6 months for have fun before we wrap up this year! So, have you got new plan to do in this month? Well, for me, I guess I already make a list for what I wanna do in this beautiful month called August! 

For this month posts, I've been preparing some material that I'll post it later on. Couple #DIY Project for you to try, one movie #Review for you to read (and watch later on your free time), and hopefully I can give you at least one hangout places #Review by the end of this month. 

What else for this month, if you may ask. My favorite TV show from ABC Family will airing again. New episode of Switched at Birth on 24th of August and Young & Hungry on 19th of August. I couldn't be happier. Can't wait for story of Bay and Emmet and of course Josh and Gaby. You seriously need to catch them, because they really great and I love them!!!  

Hahaha, so yes that's my few plan for this month, hopefully everything can goes well. Before I end this month #Greetings, I would like to share one of my personal life story I got last night. I admit, my personal life sucks in few department. I don't know why, it just not work well. But I guess God always listen, eventhou He didn't answer right away. 

My last relationship was 2 years ago (and yeah now I'm still single and happy). It started with summer fling, then we got closer and I fall for him, hard. I still remember, it was 3 days after our-little-short getaway-from-the city, he suddenly act weird and called off the relationship. I was devastating. Confused and seriously don't know what was happen. He stop text and gone just like that. I know he was there, but he just not really 'there' anymore. Dealing with it was really hard. 

Less than a month after that, his name suddenly come of again on my phone screen. He said he wanted to be my friend, I said yes and he bring his thunder. He officially have a new gf in his heart. For God sake, it was less than a month since we broke up. I was still little bit confused, and even more with his visit. I swear and ask to God, please make him feel hurt as much as I felt before. Somehow I feel betrayed, and I wish he gets what I feel.. 

2 years passed and he make a statement last night. He realize that maybe God punish him right now. A month ago he broke up with his gf, and now the ex get a new guy. I guess karma hit him damn hard right now. He didn't say sorry thou, he just said now he knew what it feels like to be me 2 years ago. 
Read that statement, makes me smile and say, "Finally God answer my wish. I hope you learn things from this in a good way." 

I know it's bad to swear something bad happen to someone else. But when you get hurt really bad, it just happen and you just can't help it. It was 2 years ago, I get through it well. It was hard, I admit but that experience makes me stronger, maturing and help me to see things better. I hope he could handle his experience just like I did or maybe even better, and do not play with someone else life again. I don't do believe in karma by the way, it just that I believe whatever we did in the past to others (good or bad) someday we gonna get the same price.

I would like to give you this video that you can watch whenever you feel down about your self after bad break up, so you can lift up yourself and start enjoying life again. This video made by Raditya Dika with title "Kepada Orang yang Baru Patah Hati".

Happy August, and don't stop making new adventure, guys!
See you in the next post!
XO - Fienna Nurhadi

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