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What would you say to someone younger than you?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Dear 24-year-old,

Take it easy with love when it comes to you. Don't take it so seriously, life doesn't end when you two broke up. By the way, forever is such a powerful word and really a long period of time. Don't easy to say you love someone when you just in love with them or maybe you like them so much in short time. Go have fun little bit more, because its nothing wrong with that. Do get close with your family and (especially) parents, because they're all you have when life gets hard. And please, be selective when you are choosing new people to be your friends or lover. Because even the harmless one (who looks like an angel) could lead you into hard broken heart, and hurt you the most.

A 27-years-old

Most of the time, before I started my work in my desk, I read timeline in Facebook. I know some people not use Facebook that often like we used too anymore, but there's always new thing I found there than any other social media. I do not post things anymore, what I thought or what I do, but sometimes I just did share things (most of time I share are post from this blog).

But today, I found few video that catch my interest. One of them are from CBC Radio, with title "Wire Trap : How to age gracefully." It's basically a message from someone older than certain age, telling things that their youngest person should know about (or at least that what I catch).

That message above the video are my message to whoever that in under 25th years old. Be happy because you are still under 25th. Have you heard that life gets harder when you are older. So maybe I have younger reader, my advice is don't grow up too fast. Your life isn't go anywhere or leave you alone. Enjoy your time with your loved one as much as possible.

So, what would you say to someone younger than you, so they can live and age gracefully? Share me your thought on box down below, just to make sure they know.

DIY Project : It's SCRABBLE Time!

Friday, September 25, 2015
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Yeay, hello again!

It's been a while since I did my last DIY. This time I am back with not only one DIY, but two! Don't worry, as always these DIY will be easy, affordable and also fun to do in your free time. You can also give it for a friend if you want to.


I've been in love with this scrabble tiles for years, and finally I post about Scrabble DIY this time. Totally yeay moment for me. Short story, A month ago when my best friend told me to meet her before her wedding, I have an idea to give her something. Just a little give from me. And I come up with this scrabble ideas. Well, it turns out pretty good and I was in love while making it. I'm glad she loves it too. That's why I think this idea would turn out great too for simple DIY that you could do at home.

In this post, we will make 2 DIY. It's mini scrabble on the frame and scrabble tiles coasters. It will be fun and you will amazed before you know it. Ready for the next DIY? Here we go!

You will need : 
  • A photo frame (mine 4x6 inch)
  • Scrabble tiles 
  • Wrapping paper / scrapbook paper of your choice 
  • White glue 
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Prepare the paper you want to use as a background, cut it off same size as the back wood of the frame. Glued the paper into it. Put back the back wood into the frame again. If you use scrapbook frame, you can keep it the glass, but since I use photo frame, I don't use the cover glass. 
  • Arrange the word to the paper first before you glued it. Its important, so you can get the right position for each tiles. After that, glue the back of the tiles one by one. Give little bit space from each other. You can play with the position as you creative as you are. 
  • And you are done! Voila! You get a new art for side table of your bed or on your desk. As a giveaway also cute. 
You will need : 
  • Felt (for the back)
  • Scrabble tiles
  • White glue (don't use paper or stick glue)
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Arrange the word of your choice first before you glued them. It's okay, it may take a while if you haven't get any idea. I saw this on Pinterest. You can make 4x4 tiles or more. 3x3 tiles is too small for coasters. 
  • Once you are done, try to glue one of the tiles and place it into the felt. Repeat that process again with all the tiles. Don't forget to glue the side of the tiles as well, so it will stick with the next tiles. 
  • When you are done, wait for a while until the glue get dry. Once it dried, you can cut the rest of the felt. And there you have it, new coaster for you tea or coffee.  
Do you like this time DIY? I'm glad you love it. Well, see you on the next post.
Until then, see ya!!
XO Fienna N 

Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A Friendship & #BFF

Friday, September 11, 2015

As I say last week, the theme of the month is about love. Since love isn't all about you and your partner, this week I want to share about my best friend. As far as I remember, I don't have many friends. For best friends, I only have couple of people around me. It's kinda lonely sometimes, I know. But they are like my treasure, really deep and understand me somehow, and I love them.

Q&A this week, I will answer few question, that lead me to one or two particular best friend (or I think he/she is my best friend because we've been friends for quite long time). Without for more a due, let's hit it!

1. When and how did you and your best friend first meet? 
A : It was in 2003-2004, I was new student in high school. A senior try to get to know me. Before I know, he become one of my good friend, until now.

2. Where is you and your best friend favorite's place for hangout? 
A : We love hang out in coffee shop in our area. We could hang out there for couple hours, talk about anything.

3. What are the two things your best friend does not know about you? 
A : That he thinks I always seems happy and have zero worries with boys all around me, which is wrong (I just can't show it to him that I also sad because always failed). Secondly, I don't know what will be the second things, since he know all about me. Oh yes, except one thing, I kinda jealous sometimes when he talk too much about another friend of mine that he had crush on a while ago. 

4. If you were out together, what would your best friend eat? 
A : Well, he loves noodle and fried rice, that for sure. For coffee, lately he loves that mocha latte and avocado coffee that mostly I ordered. Ah, I think he basically just loves food.

5. What do you most admire about your best friend? 
A : His ability of hiding whatever inside his feeling and mind. Seriously, he's the most mysterious man I've ever met. I can't read his mind (not that I'm a mind reader). When he sad or mad, you can't see it on his face, he mostly look all happy and smile a lot. And he's really good friend too.

6. What is the one thing that annoys you most about your best friend?
A : He know me too well, and somehow its annoying for me. I know it probably a good thing that your best friend know stuffs about you, but then you can't lie to him. Not even a bit. Without me telling him a clue, suddenly he just knew. I think his super power is reading mind. He's a mind reader.

7. What does your best friend think about the most?
A : Future. How to make lots of money. Get an ideal girlfriend that he can marry someday.

8.  What did you give for birthday present to each other?
A : Since he's not a demanding person, he never really ask for anything. Last birthday I only gave his favorite tiramisu cake. This year birthday he gave me nothing but awkward feeling because he wasn't there for my birthday and when my grandpa died. But last year and a year before that, he gave me Persian cat and makes me cried each time.

9. What would your best friend do if they won a lottery?
A : Buy a motorcycle that he always dreamed about, then get his dreaming girl and get married. And buy a house too.

10. Where does your best friend want to live when they get older? 
A : I think he want to live in sub-urban area..

11. What is the weirdest thing that people said about you both and your friendship? 
A : First I thought this was weird, that almost all people told me and him will end up together. Before my reaction was just staring at him. Now, I just passed it. They can tell me all those things, but if God say no, then nothing will happen. *smile*

12. How would you describe your best friend's ideal partner/spouse? 
A : Someone with good heart, pretty, tall, good figures, easy with kitchen, can rock a motorcycle, and also can rock his life.

13. When you both hangout together, is there any kind of rule applied? 
A : Ah yes! Before we had no phone allowed, so we can focus on quality time together. And no more say each other ex-partner name, or the one who said it pay around Rp 50K (it's 5 bucks). But then each of us keep violated the rule. Now, we had no rules, but sometimes still applied it until one of us crush it!

14. Do you know what is your best friend dream job? 
A : He told me once want to have liquor bar, which I object! But I guess its not his dream job.. Anything that gives his money and freedom and makes him happy, I think he would do it.

15. Last, what is your best friend best quality as a friend? 
A : Mostly he will be there and listen to my story. He won't force me to tell him, he will just wait until I spill the intro and he will know the rest. I enjoy his company each and every time, and I blessed with his present around me when I needed him. I hope I would be the same to him. My life much better when he's around. I just want to say thank you to God because he give me him as my best friend.

So, how was it? Do you have story about you and your best friend? Tell me, because I'd love to hear some. Leave your story on the comment box, and see you in the next post!
XO Fienna

Friday Fifteen : 15 Blogs for your Daily Inspiration

Friday, September 04, 2015
Like I told you before, one of my favorite apps is Bloglovin on my iPad, so I can read all the post from my favorite blog in one place. Nah, this time I'll share you some of my favorite blogs, that you can read them daily, get inspired in the morning to complete your day! These blog I will divide into few parts, which is ; DIY & Home Decor, Fashion & Makeup, Featured Article & last is Lifestyle.

Please do follow them, because they're all AWESOME!! 

DIY & Home Decor 
1. A Beautiful Mess |
2. Apartment Theraphy |
3. I Spy DIY  |
4. PS. I Made This |
5. Oh Happy Day |
6. Poppy Talk |

Fashion & Make Up 
1. Make Up Savvy |  
2. Vivianna Does Makeup |
3. Le Fashion |

Featured Article 
1. Career Girl Daily |
2. Living Loving |
3. World Of Wanderlust |

1. Lauren Conrad |
2. Michelle Phan |
3. The Bride Dept |

Feel inspired already? Great! Not feeling it yet? Don't worry, I'll come again with some more extra! Or which one is your favorite, share it to me on the comment box down below!
See you on the next post!
XO Fienna Nurhadi

Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A about Love & Life

As like I said before, since this month gonna be full of love, so I will be answering some questions that I found outside (still waiting for your question on the box down below) about love and life. Without further a due, let's hit the questions! 

1. Do you believe in 'love at the first sight'?
A : Sort of, although these days that rarely can happen.

2. Have you ever talked marriage with another person? 
A : Yeah, few times. With friend and sometimes my significant other.

3. What is your favorite way to spending quality time with your partner/boyfriend?
A : Going out for a date, from morning till night. We talk, we laugh, we share some stories and making good memories too.

4. Do you fall for a person fast?
A : Oh hell yeah. I'm such an Aries hard core, easy to fall for someone, but hard to move on. That's why I really should careful, since my heart is really weak.

5. Do you think it's right to compare a friendship and a romantic relationship?
A : Compare in terms of what? For me friendship (the good one) always have special place in my heart. Where love can come and go, friendship mostly stay last longer than romantic relationship.

6. Do you think there is something special about a person's first love? Why?
A : Maybe yes, maybe no. There's always a story, even behind the curtain.

7. What is your idea about romantic evening?
A : He prepare and cook for me. He prepared a candle light dinner in the park, with carpet and few big bean bag lay around them. there will be projector to watch movie, then there should be music played and fake raining.. after that he drop me home and kiss me good night.. such a dream..

8. Do you already make peace with your own past or you still fight against it?
A : Still trying to make peace, but I don't hate them. I'm done with hating people. They do my favor, become my own self this days, so instead of hating them, I think I should thank them. Maybe. I don't hate them, but doesn't mean what they had done for me was okay.

9. Where do you see yourself, 10 years from now?
A : Hopefully already married, with 2 kids and great small business. I love working at home. Flexible time for business and family too.

10. Which is the fun-niest/cheesy pick up line that has been used on you?
A : I think you are made out of cooper (CU) and tellurium (TE) because you are CUTE. I found it someone said that on OKCupid, and that one is funny!

11. Do you believe that soulmate is exist for every person?
A : Yes absolutely!

12. Have you ever kissed a girl?
A : Nope. But I think I don't mind try it someday.

13. What are you doing first when you wakes up?
A : Check all my social media (messages, reply some of them), stuck a while with Bloglovin and Instagram, then Path, then get ready for work.

14. What you would do if you diagnosed with terminal Cancer and got only 3 months left to live?
A : Just lived. Well, maybe do something I always afraid to do. Quit my job, get married, donate most of my money, register for some organ donate, and go for something I never done it before.

15. How would you like to be remembered?
A : Tough question, because never think about that before. 

So, do you have any question for me? Leave me your question on the box down below, and I will answer for the next Friday Fifteen Q&A! See you on the next post!
XO Fienna Nurhadi

Greetings September : When the Heart Fall

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
I know, for most people, the love season is in February. Which there are Valentine day to celebrate. But, I never really celebrate Valentine anyway, so for me, love is in the air can be happening anytime. 
I don't usually go for a theme each month, but for these month, I will go for one. In this blog, this September will be little bit different. I will be posting more about love, heart and feeling talk. Reason why I'm doing this, because this month I have couple of friend that also gonna get their special day. One of them get married, few of them are having their birthday, as for me, I'm in love. 

It's a big deal for me, when I find new love interest after 2 years resting your heart. I'm not gonna say he's the one, because it way too soon. For now, I just want to enjoy and let everything flow like it should be. Not sure how long it gonna last this time (because last time I check I was pretty bad at keeping relationship together, and some of my friend told me that I'm really good at kicking guy away. Lol), that's why what I'm gonna do just lived and be happy. Be loved and give some more love. It feels damn good *blush*.

I heard this quote from Leo in Chasing Life (ABC Tv Show) said that "Worrying about future is not living. Today, we lived! This right here, this is living." Embrace the time that given to us, feel grateful about what we have, and I think keeping a positive mind is not such a bad thing anyway. 

So, are you really to fall in love again? Because this month gonna be the month full of love, the month of rise up and put your smile back on. Like the quote I wrote on that picture above, you will meet someone that makes you happy. Follow your heart and do what makes your soul happy, because you deserved it. 

What topic of love you want me to cover? Let me know on the comment box! 

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