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Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A about Love & Life

Friday, September 04, 2015
As like I said before, since this month gonna be full of love, so I will be answering some questions that I found outside (still waiting for your question on the box down below) about love and life. Without further a due, let's hit the questions! 

1. Do you believe in 'love at the first sight'?
A : Sort of, although these days that rarely can happen.

2. Have you ever talked marriage with another person? 
A : Yeah, few times. With friend and sometimes my significant other.

3. What is your favorite way to spending quality time with your partner/boyfriend?
A : Going out for a date, from morning till night. We talk, we laugh, we share some stories and making good memories too.

4. Do you fall for a person fast?
A : Oh hell yeah. I'm such an Aries hard core, easy to fall for someone, but hard to move on. That's why I really should careful, since my heart is really weak.

5. Do you think it's right to compare a friendship and a romantic relationship?
A : Compare in terms of what? For me friendship (the good one) always have special place in my heart. Where love can come and go, friendship mostly stay last longer than romantic relationship.

6. Do you think there is something special about a person's first love? Why?
A : Maybe yes, maybe no. There's always a story, even behind the curtain.

7. What is your idea about romantic evening?
A : He prepare and cook for me. He prepared a candle light dinner in the park, with carpet and few big bean bag lay around them. there will be projector to watch movie, then there should be music played and fake raining.. after that he drop me home and kiss me good night.. such a dream..

8. Do you already make peace with your own past or you still fight against it?
A : Still trying to make peace, but I don't hate them. I'm done with hating people. They do my favor, become my own self this days, so instead of hating them, I think I should thank them. Maybe. I don't hate them, but doesn't mean what they had done for me was okay.

9. Where do you see yourself, 10 years from now?
A : Hopefully already married, with 2 kids and great small business. I love working at home. Flexible time for business and family too.

10. Which is the fun-niest/cheesy pick up line that has been used on you?
A : I think you are made out of cooper (CU) and tellurium (TE) because you are CUTE. I found it someone said that on OKCupid, and that one is funny!

11. Do you believe that soulmate is exist for every person?
A : Yes absolutely!

12. Have you ever kissed a girl?
A : Nope. But I think I don't mind try it someday.

13. What are you doing first when you wakes up?
A : Check all my social media (messages, reply some of them), stuck a while with Bloglovin and Instagram, then Path, then get ready for work.

14. What you would do if you diagnosed with terminal Cancer and got only 3 months left to live?
A : Just lived. Well, maybe do something I always afraid to do. Quit my job, get married, donate most of my money, register for some organ donate, and go for something I never done it before.

15. How would you like to be remembered?
A : Tough question, because never think about that before. 

So, do you have any question for me? Leave me your question on the box down below, and I will answer for the next Friday Fifteen Q&A! See you on the next post!
XO Fienna Nurhadi

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