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Weekly Notes #4

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
This post coming out late, I know. Actually, I don't know what to write, until few days ago, when I met up with one old friend at coffee shop in my area. He was my favorite person, 2 years ago. Yes, the one I lost my happiness and made me broken heart and hardly moved on, the one that I bring up on the previous Weekly Notes (Read the last Weekly Notes #3 here).

It wasn't the first time we met again after long lost contact. But it actually was our first time talk about how we met, how we watched movie together and running in the rain because we parked my car far away from the mall. It was funny, but thanks to my worst saving memories in my brain, I almost forget about that. Need couple minutes to remember all those things again, and laughed. I saw him smiling and blushing. Geez, then suddenly I realize what makes me fall for this guy in the first place. The way he smiled. The harmless and innocent smile.

It's funny thing about memories, once we open one, we just couldn't stop. We keep opening one box to another one. "Remember when..." is become our favorite line to start new conversation. Memories, actually not about the person. He had silly and stupid reason (but true, one reason you won't hear when you dated someone) when break up. It was awful and bad one experienced. When it done, we always had those good memories left in one part of our life.

Sure you can delete his number, photos that capture how happy when you were together (but kinda hurt to see now), his number, his sweet texts before when you two broke up. But somehow, the good memories will remain the same. It just there. Waiting for you to open the dusty box again when you are ready.  Memories are really sweet things. Like candy, can't stop eating them when you started.

After that meeting, the next night, I met another friend. This one is my best buddy, we met every week for coffee session (I called it our coffee-lity time), when we could spill our life problem and update things between life routine. I don't know when it all started, but we have been like this for quite sometimes.

That night, after dinner outside, we came back to his place. It was started from one topic then he started reminiscing what was happened back then about his last relationship. I know few story he told me about how and why they two broke up, but not the exact thing (this is normal, since he is a guy. They just don't spill it out easily about their own problem).

He telling me things about his relationship, how he started it, how he started dating that girl, how he loved all the process until how he finally lost her and have to let go all things. Until he said, "I still can't forget how beautiful she was when I woke her up in the morning, the way she loved me, how much she can loved me, how much she insecure about our friendship, the way I try to win her heart. Everything. Just can't forget it." It was his last relationship ended around 4 years ago and still no one can beat her place in his heart. I see him live in the present but still wish he wasn't that dumb 4 years ago.

In the end, I think that what memories does to us. Gave us something to remember, something to laugh or cry one day, to learn from mistake, to be better in present day, to feel that we had good times or bad experience once and get better for next time. It's always fun to start our conversation with "Remember when we were..." and smiled because it happens. When things are done, and nothing in any power we can get it back, just smiled not cry, because it happens.

"Sometimes the smallest of things, triggers memories so stranger and so beautiful that leave us speechless. Memories are a funny thing. The small pieces of our past. They are always safe in our memories. Memories are like chocolate boxes, once open you can't stop at just one." 
- Naina Talwar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani (2013)

One more week to the trip!! Next week I'll visit Japan with my mom and my sister (bounding time) for a week. Hope I can share my experience from there. I am super excited for this trip, but haven't decided what I want to bring it there, yet. One part of traveling I hate the most is actually packing, but wish me luck for this trip! 

P.S : Today, 27th October is actually World Kiss Day. So have you kiss your loves one today? 

Good afternoon & good luck! 
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