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10 Most Shocking Tv Show Character Deaths!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

You may or may not be shocked to read my post today.  Yes, this post about those who already passed away before us, in TV show times. I think kill a character may be one of the most famous path to make rating goes up, but sometimes the rating could flop after that character died. Many of us actually cried when our favorite TV show character died, like we known them forever and they left us behind. It create huge hole and wound inside us. Yeah, something like that.

So, here I compile 10 Most Shocking Death TV Show Character. Some of them may be your favorite character, or not. Well, take a look...

Finn Hudson - Glee
In famous Glee series, Finn Hudson death story was told in The Quarterback episode. There's no explanation how Finn death and why exactly. This was huge lost for all the team and fans because the actor died after his body found in his hotel room. This is different from any kind of death, not only character death but also the actor, at the same time. I was cried and so does his fans. It was just too sad. 

Danny Duquette - Grey Anatomy
If you are Grey Anatomy hard core fans, you must be remember the handsome and charming patient of Izzie Stevens, Denny Duquette. He died an hour after proposing to Izzie. He just died.. Even after watching again the scene where Izzie with her gown hug Denny, I could cry all over again.. 
But, maybe it just what TV show does, the character indeed dead, but in another season they sort of bring back the ghost of Denny into Izzie life again.  

George O'Malley - Grey Anatomy  

Another death from Grey Anatomy sets. Again, if you are Grey Anatomy fans, you already passed few deaths in the past 12 years (yes, Grey Anatomy already hit their 12 season now). This time is George O'Malley character death. He died because of accident after he saved a girl. Heroic, but he died. Oh well.. At the same time, Izzie was in critical condition because of her cancer. I think George death was a switched for Izzie life. Just maybe... As Izzie and George meet in the elevator, both dressed up, while their body in nearly death.. Poor George, he was the good one.

Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
The beautiful Elena Gilbert, died after her up and down life as human and vampire. Well, as vampire, you cant be really dead dead, unless someone burn your body to hell or you already step into the another side. In this story, Elena not exactly dead. Maybe they could say in long sleep, like Aurora sleep. But she can't be wake up by true love kiss (like Damon hopes). She could wake up again if her best friend Bonnie died. Sad path, huh?

Not like any other death type of character, Elena wont be back for a while into Mystic Falls, so there won't be Elena ghost roaming around. As Nina Dobrev say goodbye to the series, so yes, "Here lies Elena Gilbert, a fun girlfriend and an amazing friend."

Derek Shepherd - Grey Anatomy
Here it this, our McDreamy, died after massive car accident, after helping car accident victims. Its sad how he died sort of without saying goodbye to others and just left. Like Nina Dobrev, Patrick Dempsey also leave the series after 11 seasons of Grey Anatomy. I bet many of his fans and Grey Anatomy fans cried when the episode aired.

Lexy Grey - Grey Anatomy
Our lovely Lexi Grey died after plane crash. It was so sad. She was one of my favorite character, plus McDreamy too.
I have no more word for this one. It just so tragic. Poor Lexi.

Mark Sloan - Grey Anatomy
Not too long ago after Lexi Grey character died, our McSteamy follows the path too. Died. This happen much far before Derek died. But still, Grey Anatomy, seriously!! You should stop killing our favorite character... If they want to leave the series, make them leave, don't kill them.
Mark Sloan dead I think because of he loves Lexi so much, as he couldn't continue his life anymore longer without Lexi. Well, may both of them meet in heaven and finally can happily deathly after.

Leo Hendrie from Chasing Life
Did you watch Chasing Life series? If you watched it, you must be remember our Leo Hendrie. The kind of guy that makes us annoyed at first but a truly Prince Charming. Yes, he also died after survive from Cancer then got heart attack, not long ago after his wedding.
The story behind Leo died was actually about the actor had schedule situation with his new series, so it crash. But not long after he left the series, ABC Family (now FreeForm) plugged the series. It no longer continue to season 3 like any other series. Well, I still love the story anyway. About the ordinary girl survive cancer situation and how she finally have new life while trying to survive. Good story, short life.

Angelo - Switched at Birth
I think I have this special feeling to relationship between father and daughter. Easy way to make me cried instantly, give me a father-daughter story, like this how Angelo died in Switched at Birth TV show from ABC Family. I cried, a lot.
Angelo died after car accident. His critical condition bring family together. It was really really sad story... How finally Bay finally met his biological father, and not to long after he died.

Christina Yang - Grey Anatomy  
This one different. Christina Yang isn't dead, yet. She moved on to another country, rule the hospital become a chief of surgery. Why I put her into this list, well basically because she just left the series thank God without someone killed her. And the way she left, Grey Anatomy did great job to make it perfect way out.

Okay, so there you have it. Do you have any other character that dead too? Share it to me in the comment box down below.

See you on the next post!

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