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Weekly Notes #19

Monday, February 22, 2016
For whatever its worth, I think this past week better than the last week. At least I haven't made another huge mistake like 2 weeks ago. I went to see my buddy yesterday for coffeelity time, and it went well as usual.

But one thing that people should seriously stop, not that I don't like it (oh please), it just that I don't think any of that are okay.
Last night, after hang out with my buddy, one of new friend ask me something that how would I say, kinda ridiculously funny.

"Why don't you date your buddy? Aren't you two close with each other? Is it healthy to have that kind of friendship?"

To be honest, I got this question every single time, until I don't know how to answer them anymore. My friends, my family related, asked me the same question again and again. Some of my old friend that know me back then also ask me the same question. Somehow I don't know why it bother them so much if I don't date him? I mean, we are close, but doesn't mean that I have to date him.

Maybe here's how I would answer those question. Maybe I wasn't his type. Maybe he doesn't see me like that. Maybe we both meant for just be friend. Maybe we both are comfortable with our friendship like this. Maybe, just maybe it's better that our relationship are just friend. Or maybe, it's not damn your business and you need to take care of your own business?

You know somehow it's kinda annoying when we get couple question like that. Like just now, why don't we date our buddy or when we'll get married? Seriously people, there's huge different between curious (kepo) and care. If you are really care, you wouldn't ask me such a question because you understand the choice I make is none of your business (unless I ask you for some advice).

This kind of thing will only notice by people who already got the same annoying question like over and over again. So for those people around us, please, no need to ask such a thing to start a conversation. You can ask nicely how we are doing. Don't ask something too personal unless you're invited to.

Please show some respect to someone else feeling and privacy. I know we can all do that.

Happy weekend and see you in the next post! Good luck! 
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