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4 Hal Ini Akan Membuat Wanita Gemar Mengenakan Jogger Pants

Monday, April 18, 2016
Stylish with jogger pants

Siapa sih yang tidak kenal dengan jogger pants. Jenis celana yang satu ini tidak hanya nyaman untuk pria, tetapi juga tersedia untuk wanita. Walaupun awalnya hanya diperuntukkan untuk aktivitas olahraga, kini penggunaan jogger pants sudah semakin variatif untuk berbagai kesempatan.
Para wanita yang biasanya mengenakan celana jeans atau jegging tampaknya harus mulai mencoba jogger pants. Sebab 4 hal ini pasti membuat wanita jadi gemar mengenakan jogger pants. Mau tahu apa saja 4 hal tersebut? Yuk simak dulu ulasannya berikut ini!
Motifnya Sangat Beragam
Jika dibandingkan dengan celana jeans biasa, tentu saja motif jogger pants jauh lebih beragam. Sehingga ragam motif tersebut bisa membuat para wanita memilih sesuai selera. Varian celana panjang murah jenis jogger pants ini juga ada di MatahariMall.
Pilihan jogger pants di MatahariMall sangat variatif dan menarik. Ingin jogger pants dengan kesan sporty atau casual, semua bisa dipilih dengan mudah. Proses belanja yang cepat dan aman membuat siapa pun tidak perlu membuang waktu ketika belanja di MatahariMall.
Membuat Kaki Terkesan Jenjang
Untuk wanita yang gemar mengenakan skinny jeans untuk menampilkan kesan kaki jenjang, kini varian jogger pants juga dapat memberikan kesan yang sama. Bentuk kaki jenjang akan tampak lebih indah karena bagian bawah jogger pants biasanya menyempit, mirip seperti skinny jeans.
Mengenakan Jogger Pants Ternyata Sangat Nyaman
Inilah hal yang membedakan penggunaan jogger pants dengan jenis skinny jeans lainnya. Jogger pants memiliki bentuk yang lebih longgar sehingga wanita akan merasa lebih nyaman dan leluasa. Tak cuma bagian kaki saja yang longgar, bagian pinggang pun terasa nyaman dan tidak menimbulkan rasa sesak.
Mudah Dikombinasikan dengan Aneka Baju Atasan

Tak perlu khawatir mati gaya ketika mengombinasikan jogger pants dengan aneka baju atasan. Kesan casual, formal, atau dress up siap melengkapi penampilan para wanita yang gemar mengenakan jogger pants. Tinggal menyesuaikan motif dan bahan jogger pants, penampilan pun akan tampak lebih menarik dengan celana trendi yang satu ini. 
Sebagai wanita yang modis dan kekinian, sudahkah Anda memiliki koleksi jogger pants kesayangan di lemari?

March Favorites 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016
I know I should have done this yesterday, but what to do, I was little bit overwhelmed by work (cliche) and something personal. But hey, I'm back and ready to share you what's had been my favorites over March, other than it was my birthday!

Dapur Gladies Brownies

Brownies Bandung

Actually I've been loving this brownies since a month ago when my sister (she's the one down there) introduced me to it. She said there's one brownies that you'd love it till drop. Well, once I tried I know for sure I'll keep order for more everytime I come to Bandung. Unfortunately, they limit the order. So I guess they only make like few batch everyday. If you are in Bandung, you can get it faster than any other area with pre-order first. My favorite one is the one with milo and marshmallow, so chewy. The one up there was Supermix. Delish!

Bandung & New Variant of Starbucks


If you have seen my Instagram timeline, you might notice that there's something between me, driving and coffee. Once I tried this new variant of Starbucks last month when I had late late dinner with a friend of mine, which is Frapuccino Caramel Machiatto (I hope I didn't spell it wrong) and I loved it ever since. For my birthday, I went to Bandung to meet my sister there and I had to drive for few hours (it's mostly only took 3 hours, but since it was long weekend and I was in traffic for more than an hour!) so I was in need of coffee so I wont feel sleepy (it was morning drive. But hey, I'm not a morning person, so coffee is the answer of that problem).

Birthday is about family time too. My brother was in town (Bandung) with his kid and I asked him to meet up in a sushi restaurant so we can hangout together. I love this picture. No, the guy isn't my brother. He's my sister husband. The lil guy is my brother kid. So cute!

Batman V Superman

So yes, have you watched it yet? Whether you are the fans of DC comics or not, I think you should watch them. It's 2,5 hours long movie, but worth it. And I would say I'm totally 100% #TeamSuperman. Hey, the cast is really hot and handsome too. I love man in glasses, looks smart, kinda nerdy but simply cool.

And have seen the Wonder woman? Geez, she's really hot for sure. I heard all over the radio, all guy I think fall for her, talking how sexy she was on that movie. Much much better than what we saw from that Fast & Furious movie. So, have you watched them?

Sony WX500 as Birthday Gift

Trust me, this picture isn't like any others. This isn't supported by Sony or whatever. It's a gift from my Dad, well sort of. I have been looking for camera, for took simple video or vlogging. Wanted the Canon G7X, but its too pricey. So this Sony looks good enough. When I went to Bandung and had movie night with my sister and her husband, he took this picture (of me took wefies of us). So, it's supposed to be candid (and somehow it looks like one). But in other hand, it also looks like supported by Sony (which is not). I just love this picture (and the camera too. and I'm glad I took the white one instead of the black one).

Scented Candle

As a gift for myself, I bought few scented candle. Once in big jar with vanilla scent and once in small jar with black cherry scent. Loves both of them and I think I'd buy more. I had few from IKEA and it finished already, and they are my favorites! So, if you want to send me gift, it's never too late and I did gave you hint what should you give me. Hehe!

Clash Royale 

New game is here! Have you download and play it? This one came after huge success on Clash of Clans (that I'm sure all guy played, even maybe you and your sister too). With most of the same character from the previous game, with 1 on 1 battle, with 10 seconds to filled up the purple drops. You can't speed up the refill time, except for the last 30 or 10 seconds of the battle. Well, I'm not really good on reviewing game. So, you should just download it right away. If you runs out of the gems or money, you can always bought it. Yes it's still in-app purchased if you hate waiting to earn the money or the gems. Have fun!

Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom ft. DNCE

Not much to say about this song. I just simply love it. Those lyrics kinda show how I feel right now. Love. Life. Song. A match.

Time to go home. Late office hour and the road gonna be crowded soon. Feels good can share this to you and write again. Hope you like this post. If you do, please hit the subscribe button and share it with your friends or loves one. Don't forget to share what is your favorite during the last month on the comment box down below. Write me anything. I'd love to read it.

Hope you have great weekend! 
XO Fienna

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