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28 Things I've Learned in 28 Years (Life + Love) | Fienna Nurhadi

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Every year, when we passed another year and ready to facing the new year, there must be few new things that we learn. Whether it was a good lesson or one that makes you feel grateful each and every day. Age is something that I rather not talk about (as well my weight, if you want to ask), but times is where we can learn our mistakes and make it better next times (or not fall in the same hole again). 

This is the one that I should put on post like couple months ago, right on my birthday, with a video. But I'm really bad with promises, so I put this under my #30DaysChallenges this month. So, here are 28 Things I've learned in 28 years (life and love matters combined) :

1. Be kind to yourself and other people
2. Always put a smile on your face
3. Less judging, more accepting
4. Less planning, just do it
5. Challenge yourself so you will grow and learn
6. Expect less from strangers
7. Anything you do, love the process, then you'll value the result even more
8. Sometimes it's okay to fail
9. Loving the wrong person isn’t always a bad thing (it will help you grow and maturing)
10. Always celebrate how far you have come (as small reward for yourself, so you will proud how much you grow)
11. Respect and accept your partner point of view, like they accept and respect yours
12. Even the best relationship have flaws and takes times to works
13. Not all people would understand your dream as clearly as you can, and that’s okay
14. Sometimes real world is more live than online world
15. Failing in relationship isn’t the same like failing in life
16. Doing your hobby/passion/what you love, will help you keep sane
17. Sometimes dreams just have to wait (be patient. the best things happen unexpectedly)
18. Love where you are right now (and be grateful)
19. Breathe. (you need that a lot)
20. Don’t decide things when you feel sad/angry/mad
21. Only you can make it happen
22. Love at first sight is a real thing
23. Fear is only happening in your head
24. Your number one priority relationship is with yourself
25. Passion changes everything
26. If you think you need it, re-do your life
27. People talk behind your back, ignore them. Because they don't know your whole story.
28. Love yourself first and be happy

Hope you can learn or be inspired by it. Please share yours on the comment box below, maybe I can learn from it as well, and I'd love to read them too.

If I Could Use Only 1 Apps in Each Category

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lately, we find a lots of new apps and it makes us keep changing after a while. Some might still in high rate because they keep adding new important improvements, while some might lose their popularity. Let's say if in this world, we only have fewer apps that makes our choices are limited, what would you gonna do? I read this kind of thought somewhere, but in different form. They were talk about beauty product. Since I do not know well about it, so I put it together something that I know little bit well and we all use it as well.

Back to my question, if you could use only 1 apps in each category, which one you would choose? Well, today I'll share it to you what I thought... later, on the comment box below, please share yours. 

LINE : At this moment, I use few messaging service at the same times. Each one of them has the different list of people that I talk the most. But since this times they share the same values, such as message, voice messages, free calls, share images and videos, etc... I would prefer use LINE. It does good job so far. The voice while free calls is in good quality, it also good for sharing cute stickers to express our emotion. They also seems makes it more friendly and all in one kind of things.

WAZE : For directions, Waze actually compares with Google Maps. They both have plus minus points, but Waze still wins my heart. Although sometimes it drives me to some small road and there's no information whatsoever. Compares to the competitors, Waze still more easy to use and really helping.

Share Pictures
INSTAGRAM : Lately we've been waved by Stellar, where you can actually tells about story through pictures. It's more like make an album for each of your story. But all of it starting from Instagram. Like if you want to see someone else life and go deeper, you can find what story they tell from Stellar. But if you want to see someone else basic thought, go with Instagram. I like Instagram better, still.

Share daily videos
SNAPCHAT : Vlogs literally runs this place these days. I watched few people daily vlogs like almost every day and it become a new habit of mine in the morning, right before I'm get ready. It's fun to watch sneak peek of their fabulous life. While daily vlog in Youtube are quite long (like more than 10 mins long each videos), I'd choose Snapchat. They also give you few cute filter to use on the video. It's so much fun just take a normal vlog.

Social Media
TWITTER : Before there's Path for our little circle of friends, or Snapchat to share our daily activities vlog, there's Twitter where we shared our thought. Within 140 characters only, we share our wide and (sometimes) wild thoughts. I like this one much better than Facebook. Why? It's easier to use, still kind a limited but also have so many features. While Facebook is already like over-used, twitter still have that 140 characters only. And this times, they make it even better. We can share pictures, live videos, share news, and else.

SPOTIFY : Plus side of Spotify service is actually they still allow us to listen music without subscribe, although there a limitation such as need Wifi connection only (means if you are not a member, you can't listen even with your data plan internet). But the subscribes charge is lower than Apple Music and total amount of songs that they have pretty much the same (except for Taylor Swift that signed her contract with Apple Music just yet). So yeah, so far so good. 

Traveloka : For those Indonesian, Traveloka is a huge help to booked plan ticket or hotel. I'm not travelling that much, but when I do, most of the time I use this app to search for hotel or ticket. They are great!

So there are my ultimate fave apps from each category. Share yours in comment box down below, don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss another post! See you on the post! 

Treasure Bay Bintan - Indonesia

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Any idea for your next holiday location? In this post I wanna share another destination location in Indonesia, that will blow your mind because it's so watery blue. 

After Singapore short trip, my next destination was Bintan. Almost every year I visited this island, as my Dad was born here. So it's like another home town. Bintan located near with Batam Indonesia, has many interesting place to visit. You can see how to get to this place, from Batam or Singapore.

One of them is Treasure Bay Bintan in Bintan Lagoon, Lagoi. This place is 30 minutes driving from Tanjung Uban. What they offer here is actually the biggest swimming pool with real sea water in Southeast Asia! With blue water you see on the picture, is actually looks so pretty, feels like you are in Bora-Bora. Prepare your camera, because I bet you will take picture from here and there. 

Not only offer the view, but they also offering you some water sport experience such as cable ski, Indoor electric go-kart, sport waterpark, and else. You can find more information here : Treasure Bay Bintan.

When I came, it was almost sunset, so I just went crazy with taking picture with my cousin here. Like I wont miss any chance with the good lighting. Also take one picture with the family.

A candid with my brother as a model

I just checked that someone made a video about Treasure Bay Bintan in Indonesia, and done a really great job. You should check this out :

See you on the next #Travel post!

Weekly Notes #23 : Roaming around Singapore + Video!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yes, holiday is officially over. The good part is actually how much memories and experiences that we had during the holiday. I always love traveling. it means visit new places with different culture, meet new people, take a bunch of picture, and get a different angle of views than what we always see everyday. 

This short holiday, me and family went to Singapore and Bintan. Bintan is an island in Indonesia, near with Batam, go google it. I just realize, I saw it on my passport, there's always a stamp go in and out Singapore every year. 

This trip is actually family trip, but in Singapore only half day we spent together. We decide to go separate as myself need to visit some place on my own. I wanted to get experience be a real tourist alone, I think that would be fun. 
Me, my Dad, Mom, sister and brother

I forgot which place I visited first, so I'll just share the story.. These are Red Dot Design Museum building. Because the limited time I had, I didn't go in. Hope next time I will. This museum with red color have some street artist selling their stuff in front of building that you can actually buy.
I bought some cute stickers from these two girls. Find them on Instagram : @kumo.doodles or visit them online Kumo Doodles.


Not only stickers, they actually sell some cards, clothes, art, bags and ect. You should visit this place next time if you are bored shopping around Orchard Road.

I went to Singapore Art Museum too, or at least I reached their front door. Totally curious with what they have inside, I'll visit them next time. The sky was pretty to take picture with great natural lighting. 


And lastly, I went to Garden by the Bay, or at least that one was another visit of front part only. I couldn't go inside, because my feet felt like almost tear apart (okay, that's sounds too much, but it did sore and tired). So I just took some picture of these from above and far, but still looks great. My Mom and Dad actually went inside (yeah, because they only went to Takashimaya to bought some ceramic for her collection, drop the shopping bag at the hotel and goes straight here), and they loved the place. I bet my mom took a lot of her picture with flowers and dad with his selfies.

The sun almost set down, but the light still pretty for taking picture. Most of the time I just hold my camera, to snap here and there... Going around alone was so much fun! 

As an additional, I sort of made a video about this trip with titles '60 Selfies in Singapore'. The idea came after I watched my fave Youtuber, LaurDIY posted her own '60 Selfies in Tokyo' couple months ago. But ofc her version was way better than mine. But at least I tried and it was fun! Gonna do it again later.

See the video here and please don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe my Youtube channel : Fienna Nurhadi :)

20 Best Life Saver Apps

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Di jaman serba cepat seperti sekarang, kebutuhan akan akses yang instan dan real time update pasti diinginkan semua orang, termasuk kita. Untuk pengguna smartphone, ada banyak aplikasi yang bisa membantu untuk memenuhi kebutuhan. Baik untuk sehari-hari maupun di waktu tertentu. Saya sudah merangkumnya dalam 20 Best Life Saver Apps (untuk IOS maupun Android) berikut ini : 

Google Translate (Free)
Untuk yang sering mengunjungi negara asing, dimana bahasa Inggris bukan bahasa utama, Google Translate bisa menjadi alternatif bantuan. Walaupun, terkadang apa yang di translate sedikit kacau, tapi ini bisa lebih baik dari pada menggunakan bahasa tarzan.

Airbnb (Free)
Ingin cari tempat penginapan tapi bukan di hotel dan lebih menyatu dengan penduduk sekitar? Mungkin kamu perlu mencoba Airbnb. Booking jauh-jauh hari jadi kamu bisa mendapat tempat yang menyenangkan untuk liburanmu. Kamu juga bisa memilih apakah mau sewa per ruangan, atau seluruh rumah. Pilihan tersebar di berbagai negara, membuat liburanmu lebih berkesan.

Tripadvisor (Free)
Liburan sendiri tanpa guide? Kamu bisa tetap enjoy dengan bantuan Tripadvisor yang memberikan kamu pilihan tempat hiburan dan atraksi, tempat makan, bahkan sampai hotel! Tripadvisor wajib kamu download sebelum pergi berlibur.

Uber / GrabCar - GrabBike / Gojek (Free)
Layanan transportasi sudah makin ramai sekarang, bahkan yang online sepertinya lebih laris manis. Transportasi online ini applikasi wajib banget ada di ponsel kamu, bisa sangat membantu ketika kamu perlu moda transportasi yang cepat, aman, dan terjangkau. Jadi, kamu prefer yang mana nih diantara 3 applikasi ini?

Waze (Free)
Kalau Waze kayaknya jadi andalan favorite nih untuk cari jalan alternatif menuju tempat tujuan. Gak hanya sebagai penunjuk jalan, Waze juga bisa ngasih tau kita daerah yang macet, jalur yang kita pilih lewat tol atau gak, sampe kirim informasi ETA ke teman kita. Oke banget sebagai penunjuk jalan!

Clue (Free)
Aplikasi ini wajib nih untuk perempuan. Fungsi utamanya adalah menghitung masa kesuburan untuk wanita berdasarkan waktu haid. Jadi kita bisa memasukkan kapan kita haid, berapa lama, sebanyak apa, bagaimana mood kita hari ini, seberapa banyak tidur dan informasi lainnya. Untuk jadwal haid, cukup akurat, walaupun tidak 100%. Tapi aplikasi ini cukup membantu kok.

Sworkit (Free/Paid)
Untuk yang perlu olahraga dan ngerasa perlu bimbingan personal trainer, tapi tidak sempat ke gym atau keberatan dengan biaya PT yang mahal, kamu bisa coba aplikasi yang satu ini. Dengan Sworkit, kamu bisa pilih jenis latihan sesuai keinginan. Aplikasi ini juga ngasih video panduan gerakan dan juga hitungan. So, no gym, no excuse!

Lifesum (Free/Paid)
Lifesum bisa membantu kamu untuk menghitung kadar kalori dari makanan yang kamu makan, jadi sekalian memantau jumlah asupan setiap hari untuk kamu yang sedang diet atau sedang mengatur pola makan harian. Gak hanya seputar jumlah kalori makan (dari breakfast, snack, lunch dan dinner), Lifesum juga memasukkan jenis olahraga yang kamu ambil dan seberapa besar kalori yang terbuang. 

Baked & Brewed Bogor

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Beberapa minggu lalu, saat tengah mencari tempat untuk sekedar brunch dengan sahabat, kami berdua menemukan tempat ini. Masih termasuk brand new hangout place di Bogor Utara, tapi memang patut buat dicoba. Saat pertama kali menyambangi tempat ini, di malam hari. Tapi jelas pemandangan interior di siang hari justru lebih menarik.

Konsep exterior dan interior yang simple, dengan dominasi kaca dengan kusen warna hitam dan tembok putih, menjadikan tempat ini cukup terlihat segar dan minimalist di antara restoran sekitar. Karena mayoritas dindingnya kaca, pada siang hari, nampak cukup terang dengan penerangan alami. Cocok sekali untuk tempat berfoto.

Area dapur depan tempat barista meracik kopi pesanan yang menyatu dengan kasir dipisahkan dengan latar belakang bata merah expos.

Hazelnut S'More Toast

Mozzarella Cheese Toast
Mereka basically menyediakan beberapa menu manis dan asin selain kopi dan teh. Salah satu menu yang pernah saya coba adalah Hazelnut S'Mores Toast dengan selai coklat hazelnut yang manisnya pas, crunchy toast dan ice cream yang agak plain bikin padanan yang pas. Manis tapi tak kelewatan manis. Ada lagi Mozzarella Cheese Toast, roti isi keju mozzarella dan potongan beef. Jangan lupa cocol dengan saus sambal sebagai penambah rasa.

Di belakang, ada smoking area yang menyatu dengan tembok warna hitam yang di gambar dengan kapur putih. Warna hitam yang mencolok pada salah satu pojok, cocok banget buat foto candid ala cafe yang kamu bisa coba.

Jadi, sudah tahu mau kemana weekend ini? Mungkin pilihan kafe yang satu ini bisa kamu coba. Jangan lupa datang dengan teman-teman ya!

Baked & Brewed
Jl. Achmad Adnawijaya No. 151
Tegal Gundil - Bogor Utara

#Review : Hasee Toh Phasee (2014)

Friday, July 08, 2016
Yap, saya kembali lagi dengan review film Bollywood. Film yang keluar di India tahun lalu ini, bercerita seputar cinta dan keluarga yang diliputi cerita komedi dan juga pengetahuan yang menarik. Wajib banget nih disimak, lumayan untuk mengisi weekend kamu...

Sebelum cari filmnya, baiknya baca reviewnya dulu yuk...

Seperti saya, kamu pasti akan suka sama judul yang satu ini. Bercerita tentang Nikhil (Sidharth Malhotra), seorang cowok yang bertemu dengan Kharisma (Adah Sharma) pada sebuah pesta pernikahan, dan langsung jatuh hati pada pandangan pertama mereka. Nikhil adalah tipe pria impian setiap wanita, pria yang memegang komitmen. Saat ia bertemu dengan seorang wanita dan jatuh hati, ia sudah berkomitmen untuk bersama selamanya. 


7 tahun kemudian, saatnya Kharisma dan Nikhil bertunangan dan berencana untuk menikah, Kharisma meminta Nikhil untuk mengumpulkan uang senilai 50 juta Rupee sebagai syarat dan modal untuk menikahinya, yang harus ia tepat sebelum hari pernikahannya, yaitu 7 hari kemudian.

Di saat yang sama, Kharisma meminta Nikhil untuk membantunya 'menghandle' seseorang yang ia perkenalkan sebagai Meeta (Parineeti Chopra), yang ternyata adalah adik Kharisma yang datang dari luar negeri. Kharisma sebelumnya tidak pernah cerita apapun tentang Meeta, karena 7 tahun lalu Meeta kabur dari rumah dengan 'mencuri' uang Ayahnya, dan menyebabkan ayahnya kena serangan jantung. Kharisma meminta Nikhil untuk menyembunyikan keberadaan Meeta dari keluarganya, terutama sang Ayah. Sementara kepulangan Meeta kembali ke India ternyata memiliki misi tersendiri. 

Nikhil mengenali Meeta sebagai cewek yang 7 tahun lalu memanjat dinding tinggi saat pesta pernikahan yang mempertemukannya dengan Kharisma. Jadi ternyata Nikhil bertemu dengan Meeta terlebih dahulu, sebelum bertemu dengan Kharisma. 

Setelah mengetahui siapa Meeta, Nikhil membawanya untuk menginap di rumahnya. Tepat bersamaan dengan seluruh keluarganya yang datang untuk acara lamaran dan pernikahan Nikhil & Kharisma. Sementara Kharisma sibuk dengan urusan pernikahan dan pekerjaan nya, Nikhil menjadi sering bersama-sama dengan Meeta. Awalnya cewek ini nampak aneh, tapi sangat pintar dan cerdik. Bahkan keanehan Meeta berhasil bikin Nikhil terkagum-kagum. Sementara Nikhil membantu Meeta lepas dari obat-obatan penenang dan memanggilnya Meeta 2.0.

Penasaran dengan kelanjutan ceritanya? Wajib nonton makanya dan bersiap untuk jatuh cinta.

Nikhil & Meeta
Seperti biasa, film Bollywood gak seru kalau gak dilengkapi dengan soundtrack yang bikin pengen ikutan nyanyi juga. Nah untuk film yang satu ini, ada beberapa lagu yang asik banget buat diputar berulang-ulang. Kamu bisa temukan semua soundtracknya di iTunes atau toko musik online lainnya.

List OST Hasee Toh Phasee : 
1. Punjabi Wedding Song 

2. Shake it Like Shammi

3. Drama Queen 

Don't forget to tell me, which one do you like Nikhil with Meeta or with Kharisma?
Hope you enjoy the movie!  

Greetings July 2016

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July is finally here!
I've been waiting for this month to come, for long holiday and away from work time and for enough free time to relax time. I know I haven't been around for this blog lately, but this month I challenge myself. I found out that this #30DaysChallenge will help me gain some more confidence about what I love to do, writing.

So for this July, I already prepare 30 posts for the whole month. I actually went prepare some post before it's up in the following day. First with ideas, then do the write it down and make it on schedule. Hopefully I wont let any day passed without a post.

So here's the thing! You need to check out my blog at least once a day to read a new post available to read. I prepare not only #DailyTips, but also #Listicle, #DIY every Sunday, and #Review on Saturday. Some of them might on Bahasa because it related with the season of holiday (and Eid Mubarak), but I also still writing in English. Don't forget to hit share button and share it on your social media if you like the post!

I hope on the end of this month, I'll have another Monthly Favorite post, as I already have few things I love in this month to share it with you guys. And hopefully on this month too, I will introduced you to one more hashtag, that will compile our friends comment on the recent issues. Yes, it will be fun!

So, what do you like to challenge yourself once in a year? Share your thoughts here on the comment box below and share your blog address too, so I can visit you later. Happy posting!

10 Ways to Change Your Life & Make it Even Better

You had a bad day at work, or you just easily get bored with your routine? Maybe you should find something that makes your life exciting again. Here's 10 ways to change your life and perhaps make it even better :

Take a spontaneous adventure/trip 
When I get bored with daily routine, I like to went out of the city for the weekend with my sister or most of the time alone. Singing all the song on my playlist while driving. Talking to myself with loud voice. All things I do without a plan. Just go with it. It was always fun things to try.

Visit an old building in your city and take a picture of it
Introduce yourself & get to know some new people
This one you should try if you think you are confident enough. If not then you can ask your friend to help you with it. Trust me, getting to know new people will give you a new perspective, and this one is another fun part of life. You wont regret to add one more person into your boring life. But don't share something private to new people. Being open is not the same with being over-exposed. 

Save a life 
You don't have to be a national hero with saving someone from huge accident. Save a life can start with you saving an animal, with adopt them from shelters and not buy them from breeder. There are lots of innocent animals that need forever home and love from us. Love them and save a life.

Donate something 
Donate something that you haven't use since forever will give you a nice and warm feeling in your heart. Don't go bigger if you not sure you can do it. Go small with give away an old and never use bag but still in good condition for a charity event, or donate some money to help those little poor person.

Do crazy things you always want to do 
I bet we all have something that is crazy enough to do. As simple as ask your crush since high school out, or come all out in some party or maybe do bungee jumping from a bridge. Think this, by you doing those things you help to upgrade your confidence and spiced up your life. And plus, it will add another more fun value to yourself.

Like making funny and silly pose with your sisters

Create new things 
Don't go bigger all at once. For starter, you can do some cool DIY project that you always see and pinned from Pinterest first. If you can do it well, who knows some day you'll find it as your new passion?

Be amaze
Being amaze with something new. Go to see a movie and be amaze. Go to a museum and be amaze with history. Go to see an art exhibition and be amaze with someone else creation. Go to Disneyland and be amaze with their attraction. Do something new and be amaze with how progress you made in your life.
Visit Disneyland with your friends/family and be amaze with their magic
Say/do something nice to a random people 
Do a small talk and compliment their looks, do it with your heart. It will give them and yourself a nice and warm feeling. Do pay forward when you visit your favorite coffee shop for the next person in line.

Get lost alone 
Last but not least, try to get lost alone. It will give you a new idea how well you can handle yourself in a few urgent situation. It might looks scary at first, but you'll enjoy it at the end. Who knows you will end up doing it again next time?

The thing about do something to change your life is go out from your comfort zone and be not so comfortable about it and you will realize that you can do so much more in life that you already are.

Share this post on your social media, and share your thoughts about what thing you'll do to change your life! See you on the next post tomorrow!

Weekly Notes #22 See it with Bigger Hearts, Wider Eyes

Monday, July 04, 2016

Yes, it's been a while since my last post on Weekly Notes. My last one was about to be gentle with animals. For this one, I haven't got any idea what to put on the title yet.

A couple days ago, I met my coffee time buddy. It was like another routine meeting of us. Don't know since when we love to hang out together. It just fun and feels nice to have someone to talk with when I come home for the weekend. There's always something that we talk about that makes me realize few important things.

Last meeting, we talk about finding a soulmate. Nothing serious. He talk about a girl that he likes. I'm not gonna talk about his relationship thingy, but I remember when I told him something. I read this quotes somewhere (don't know where but it applied on this situation). I told him, "Maybe you already saw your soulmate, you know her well, but you just haven't really 'see' it with your heart."
I tried to search about the quotes, but haven't find it yet..

This is not only about finding your soulmate. But also your passion, your life. Something that maybe already you saw walking in front of you. But you haven't realize that it yours. The path isn't here yet to have. Maybe we just don't know yet. That's what always happen in life, until one point we knew that it/he/she already there.

When something like this happen, we just need to open our eyes wider, our hearts bigger. I guess God have His own reason why we still blind to see it, why He haven't make us realize about something that actually for us to have and to be grateful about, if you know what I meant.

Until someday you realize about that thing and felt really stupid because didn't realize it in the first place.

Hello Monday and happy holiday!!

DIY Marble Effect with Gold Quotes Art

Sunday, July 03, 2016

It's time for another #DIY. For these #30DaysChallenge, I've been preparing some simple DIY for you to do while you are on your holiday. This one also will be simple to follow but nice to put on your work desk. I don't know how to call it, but it will be like marble effect with gold pen quote in frame kind of DIY. Come on, it will be fun!

Here's what you need :
  • Marble effect contact paper/stickers
  • A4 photo frame (or any size you like) 
  • Gold pen (bigger brush is better)
  • a pair of scissors 

Here's what you need to do :
  • Cut contact paper as size as the frame that you want to use. Mine was A4 size. Don't forget to straighten up the contact paper from curled before use. You can use a piece of card to do this.
  •  After that, you can put the sticker on a paper before we draw some quotes. 
  • If you are confident enough about your hand writing, then go head write/draw any quotes you like directly on to the sticker. But if you think you need practice, then you can do it on another paper first. 
  • Mine was "You Can Do it". But because my pen had small pointing, it wasn't bold enough, I had to re-do it few times, make it bolder.. Once you are satisfied, you can place it inside the frame. 
  • Then voila! You are done! Congrats!!
There you have it your own quotes with marble effect contact paper. It was so easy right? You can make another creation with different size of frame and different quotes. Marble effect is still on for decorating, and you can add it up for your own creation. See you next week for another DIY project. Don't forget to share this DIY on your social media. Sharing is fun!
Share to me what is your favorite DIY project for weekend?

See you on the next post! Happy weekend!

10 Items Wajib Bawa Saat Traveling

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Waktu liburan hari raya Idul Fitri semakin dekat di depan mata. Sudah siapkah kamu untuk mudik dan bertemu saudara di kampung halaman? Perjalanan menuju kampung halaman yang biasanya ditempuh beberapa jam bisa jadi lebih menyenangkan lho dengan adanya 10 benda ini. Apa saja, berikut ini listnya :

Buku atau Majalah
Buku atau majalah masih jadi teman yang ampuh untuk menemani perjalanan panjang kamu. Jadi, kenapa tidak untuk menyiapkan beberapa buku favorite pilihan untuk mudik kali ini.

Diary / Kamera
Perjalanan panjang kali ini bisa jadi memberikan kamu inspirasi untuk menulis. Jangan lupa bawa diary, planner, atau jurnal kamu. Atau, kalau kamu suka mengambil gambar, kenapa tidak mencoba untuk mengasah hobimu dan buat semacam vlog traveling kamu yang pertama? Setelah liburan usai, coba edit dan posting di sosial media. Sharing pengalaman mudik kamu dengan teman-teman dalam bentuk cerita pasti seru kan?

Games offline
Who doesn't love to play games? Persiapkan beberapa permainan yang bisa kamu mainkan tanpa internet. Gak harus yang ada dalam device mu. Kamu bisa mencoba mengisi teka teki silang, atau mengasah otak dengan sudoku. Beberapa permainan offline ini terbukti bisa membuat waktu lewat tanpa terasa.

Neck Pillow
Ada lagi yang gak kalah penting. Bantal leher. Gak mau kan lehermu kram karena posisi tidur yang salah pada saat perjalanan panjang? 

Snack bisa membantu perutmu tetap terisi sebelum jam makan rutin datang. Pilih camilan sehat seperti buah segar, sandwich dengna roti gandum atau snack bar yang sehat tapi juga enak. Acara liburan tidak terganggu dengan berat badan yang tiba-tiba naik. 

Body lotion
Jangan sampai kulit kamu jadi kering karena sering terpapar AC, udara dingin atau bahkan sinar matahari. Pilih body lotion yang mudah menyerap, memberikan efek sejuk dan kelembaban maksimal untuk kulitmu. Liburan akan lebih menyenangkan saat kulitmu pun terjaga.

Travel size Make Up / Toiletry
Saat liburan, agar tidak membuat suit case/tas kamu penuh, kamu bisa membawa peralatan make up yang paling sering di gunakan dalam bentuk kecil/travel size. Begitu juga dengan peralatan mandi, bawalah dengan ukuran mini atau menggunakan container/botol plastik kecil untuk menghemat tempat pada kopermu.

Pakaian Ganti
Kamu juga perlu punya cadangan pakaian ganti untuk situasi yang tidak terduga, seperti hujan, keringat berlebih ataupun ketumpahan makanan. Pilih pakaian yang nyaman untuk perjalanan panjang. Lebih baik punya persiapan kan untuk waktu darurat.

Slippers / Sendal Jepit
Penting banget untuk selalu nyaman selama dalam perjalanan. Sebaiknya pilih sepatu yang nyaman untuk kakimu, sementara hindari memakai sepatu hak tinggi. Kakimu akan mudah stress nantinya. Masukkan juga sepasang sendal jepit atau flat shoes, yang mungkin akan kamu perlukan saat kakimu lelah.

Smile on your face
Bila semua persiapan sudah selesai, jangan lupa tersenyum. Hey, kamu akan pergi berlibur, be excited! Don't forget to put a bright smile on your face, siapa tahu kamu akan ketemu teman baru dalam perjalanan nanti.

Jangan lupa untuk abadikan momen liburanmu, dan share items penting lainnya yang biasanya wajib kamu bawa saat liburan di comment box di bawah ini. Selamat berlibur!

5+ Tips Agar THR Tak Cepat Habis

Friday, July 01, 2016

THR atau yang biasa kita kenal dengan tunjangan hari raya adalah sesuatu yang ditunggu, baik bagi mereka yang sudah bekerja maupun anak-anak. Untuk yang sudah bekerja, thr turun biasanya 2 hingga 1 minggu sebelum lebaran Idul Fitri. THR untuk anak-anak sampai mereka yang belum bekerja dijadikan tradisi yang masih dilakukan saat berkunjung ke tempat saudara saat lebaran, walaupun sebenarnya tidak ada keharusan.

Untuk mereka yang bekerja, nilai tunjangan hari raya biasanya sebesar 1 bulan gaji, lumayan untuk menambah porsi belanja kebutuhan yang biasanya meningkat drastis menjelang lebaran. Bukan hanya untuk tiket mudik, tapi juga biasanya harga bahan pokok naik dan diskon di mall bisa sangat menggiurkan.  Ada beberapa tips untuk kita yang mau menghemat pengeluaran dan membuat uang tunjangan hari raya tidak cepat habis. Berikut tips-tipsnya

Rencanakan Penggunaannya
Jauh sebelum kamu mendapatkan uang THR, rencanakan kembali penggunaannya. Terdengar simple memang, karena THR itu mirip seperti bonus akhir tahun, dimana kamu bisa sedikit lebih leluasa menggunakannya. Tapi bila kamu tahu persis apa dan tujuan penggunaanya, kamu akan lebih leluasa mengatur pengeluaran. Sehingga saat lebaran usai, kamu masih cukup punya uang sisa.

Tabung Setengahnya
Perlakukan uang THR selayaknya saat kamu menerima gaji, jangan lupa untuk tabung setengahnya, atau paling tidak 25% nya. Ini penting untuk mencegah kamu kehabisan uang tanpa sadar saat lebaran usai, atau menambah pundi tabunganmu. Sebaiknya pergunakan hanya sebagian saja. 

Manfaatkan potongan harga/diskon/gratisan 
Gak usah malu untuk memanfaatkan potongan harga/diskon di merchant-merchant tertentu. Ini bisa membantu kamu menghemat pengeluaran. Tapi kamu tetap harus menjadi smart shoppers. Ingat, diskon 50% + 25% + 5% itu tidak sama dengan diskon 80%.. Itu hanya salah satu trik marketing.
Cara lainnya agar pengeluaran tidak terlalu membengkak saat menuju hari raya, adalah kamu bisa memanfaatkan potongan harga yang diberikan oleh merchant seperti provider telepon, potongan dari kartu kredit, atau potongan besar dari online shop. Awas kalap!

Kebutuhan atau keinginan?
Pikirkan kembali barang yang akan kamu beli, apakah itu keinginan atau memang sesuatu yang kamu butuhkan. Kadang, karena sudah terlalu menginginkan sesuatu, kita tanpa sadar membeli sesuatu yang tidak benar-benar dibutuhkan, dan akan berakhir tidak terpakai atau ditempat sampah.Walaupun sesekali boleh lah membeli barang yang kamu inginkan sejak lama, tapi perhatikan pengeluaranmu ya.

Hindari pusat perbelanjaan atau online store
Saat menjelang hari raya, hampir semua pusat perbelanjaan offline maupun online berbondong-bondong memberikan diskon yang menarik minat beli para shoppers. Kalau sedang berhemat, sebaiknya hindari pusat perbelanjaan. Biasanya karena kita tahu kita punya jatah uang yang berlebih, plus diskon yang dimana-mana, pasti ingin selalu belanja.

Hindari membawa atm atau bawa uang cash berlebih 
Kalaupun kamu tidak bisa menghindari pergi ke pusat perbelanjaan, kamu bisa mensiasatinya dengan tidak membawa kartu atm atau kartu kredit, dan mencukupkan uang di dompet. Jadi kamu akan terpaksa untuk tidak membeli barang yang tidak terlalu dibutuhkan.

Jadi, apa THR mu sudah turun? Jangan lupa sisihkan sedikit untuk beramal. Beramal tidak akan pernah membuatmu miskin, malah akan dilipat gandakan pahalanya.
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin!

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