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10 Ways to Change Your Life & Make it Even Better

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

You had a bad day at work, or you just easily get bored with your routine? Maybe you should find something that makes your life exciting again. Here's 10 ways to change your life and perhaps make it even better :

Take a spontaneous adventure/trip 
When I get bored with daily routine, I like to went out of the city for the weekend with my sister or most of the time alone. Singing all the song on my playlist while driving. Talking to myself with loud voice. All things I do without a plan. Just go with it. It was always fun things to try.

Visit an old building in your city and take a picture of it
Introduce yourself & get to know some new people
This one you should try if you think you are confident enough. If not then you can ask your friend to help you with it. Trust me, getting to know new people will give you a new perspective, and this one is another fun part of life. You wont regret to add one more person into your boring life. But don't share something private to new people. Being open is not the same with being over-exposed. 

Save a life 
You don't have to be a national hero with saving someone from huge accident. Save a life can start with you saving an animal, with adopt them from shelters and not buy them from breeder. There are lots of innocent animals that need forever home and love from us. Love them and save a life.

Donate something 
Donate something that you haven't use since forever will give you a nice and warm feeling in your heart. Don't go bigger if you not sure you can do it. Go small with give away an old and never use bag but still in good condition for a charity event, or donate some money to help those little poor person.

Do crazy things you always want to do 
I bet we all have something that is crazy enough to do. As simple as ask your crush since high school out, or come all out in some party or maybe do bungee jumping from a bridge. Think this, by you doing those things you help to upgrade your confidence and spiced up your life. And plus, it will add another more fun value to yourself.

Like making funny and silly pose with your sisters

Create new things 
Don't go bigger all at once. For starter, you can do some cool DIY project that you always see and pinned from Pinterest first. If you can do it well, who knows some day you'll find it as your new passion?

Be amaze
Being amaze with something new. Go to see a movie and be amaze. Go to a museum and be amaze with history. Go to see an art exhibition and be amaze with someone else creation. Go to Disneyland and be amaze with their attraction. Do something new and be amaze with how progress you made in your life.
Visit Disneyland with your friends/family and be amaze with their magic
Say/do something nice to a random people 
Do a small talk and compliment their looks, do it with your heart. It will give them and yourself a nice and warm feeling. Do pay forward when you visit your favorite coffee shop for the next person in line.

Get lost alone 
Last but not least, try to get lost alone. It will give you a new idea how well you can handle yourself in a few urgent situation. It might looks scary at first, but you'll enjoy it at the end. Who knows you will end up doing it again next time?

The thing about do something to change your life is go out from your comfort zone and be not so comfortable about it and you will realize that you can do so much more in life that you already are.

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