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Greetings July 2016

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July is finally here!
I've been waiting for this month to come, for long holiday and away from work time and for enough free time to relax time. I know I haven't been around for this blog lately, but this month I challenge myself. I found out that this #30DaysChallenge will help me gain some more confidence about what I love to do, writing.

So for this July, I already prepare 30 posts for the whole month. I actually went prepare some post before it's up in the following day. First with ideas, then do the write it down and make it on schedule. Hopefully I wont let any day passed without a post.

So here's the thing! You need to check out my blog at least once a day to read a new post available to read. I prepare not only #DailyTips, but also #Listicle, #DIY every Sunday, and #Review on Saturday. Some of them might on Bahasa because it related with the season of holiday (and Eid Mubarak), but I also still writing in English. Don't forget to hit share button and share it on your social media if you like the post!

I hope on the end of this month, I'll have another Monthly Favorite post, as I already have few things I love in this month to share it with you guys. And hopefully on this month too, I will introduced you to one more hashtag, that will compile our friends comment on the recent issues. Yes, it will be fun!

So, what do you like to challenge yourself once in a year? Share your thoughts here on the comment box below and share your blog address too, so I can visit you later. Happy posting!
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