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Weekly Notes #22 See it with Bigger Hearts, Wider Eyes

Monday, July 04, 2016

Yes, it's been a while since my last post on Weekly Notes. My last one was about to be gentle with animals. For this one, I haven't got any idea what to put on the title yet.

A couple days ago, I met my coffee time buddy. It was like another routine meeting of us. Don't know since when we love to hang out together. It just fun and feels nice to have someone to talk with when I come home for the weekend. There's always something that we talk about that makes me realize few important things.

Last meeting, we talk about finding a soulmate. Nothing serious. He talk about a girl that he likes. I'm not gonna talk about his relationship thingy, but I remember when I told him something. I read this quotes somewhere (don't know where but it applied on this situation). I told him, "Maybe you already saw your soulmate, you know her well, but you just haven't really 'see' it with your heart."
I tried to search about the quotes, but haven't find it yet..

This is not only about finding your soulmate. But also your passion, your life. Something that maybe already you saw walking in front of you. But you haven't realize that it yours. The path isn't here yet to have. Maybe we just don't know yet. That's what always happen in life, until one point we knew that it/he/she already there.

When something like this happen, we just need to open our eyes wider, our hearts bigger. I guess God have His own reason why we still blind to see it, why He haven't make us realize about something that actually for us to have and to be grateful about, if you know what I meant.

Until someday you realize about that thing and felt really stupid because didn't realize it in the first place.

Hello Monday and happy holiday!!
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