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Weekly Notes #23 : Roaming around Singapore + Video!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yes, holiday is officially over. The good part is actually how much memories and experiences that we had during the holiday. I always love traveling. it means visit new places with different culture, meet new people, take a bunch of picture, and get a different angle of views than what we always see everyday. 

This short holiday, me and family went to Singapore and Bintan. Bintan is an island in Indonesia, near with Batam, go google it. I just realize, I saw it on my passport, there's always a stamp go in and out Singapore every year. 

This trip is actually family trip, but in Singapore only half day we spent together. We decide to go separate as myself need to visit some place on my own. I wanted to get experience be a real tourist alone, I think that would be fun. 
Me, my Dad, Mom, sister and brother

I forgot which place I visited first, so I'll just share the story.. These are Red Dot Design Museum building. Because the limited time I had, I didn't go in. Hope next time I will. This museum with red color have some street artist selling their stuff in front of building that you can actually buy.
I bought some cute stickers from these two girls. Find them on Instagram : @kumo.doodles or visit them online Kumo Doodles.


Not only stickers, they actually sell some cards, clothes, art, bags and ect. You should visit this place next time if you are bored shopping around Orchard Road.

I went to Singapore Art Museum too, or at least I reached their front door. Totally curious with what they have inside, I'll visit them next time. The sky was pretty to take picture with great natural lighting. 


And lastly, I went to Garden by the Bay, or at least that one was another visit of front part only. I couldn't go inside, because my feet felt like almost tear apart (okay, that's sounds too much, but it did sore and tired). So I just took some picture of these from above and far, but still looks great. My Mom and Dad actually went inside (yeah, because they only went to Takashimaya to bought some ceramic for her collection, drop the shopping bag at the hotel and goes straight here), and they loved the place. I bet my mom took a lot of her picture with flowers and dad with his selfies.

The sun almost set down, but the light still pretty for taking picture. Most of the time I just hold my camera, to snap here and there... Going around alone was so much fun! 

As an additional, I sort of made a video about this trip with titles '60 Selfies in Singapore'. The idea came after I watched my fave Youtuber, LaurDIY posted her own '60 Selfies in Tokyo' couple months ago. But ofc her version was way better than mine. But at least I tried and it was fun! Gonna do it again later.

See the video here and please don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe my Youtube channel : Fienna Nurhadi :)

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