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Weekly Notes #24 : When We Used to be So Brave

Friday, August 26, 2016

Do you remember, when the last time we used to be so brave with our life?

For a second, thinking like a kid and just take a risk (didn't think it will looks so stupid at first, but we had so much fun after). 
Couple weeks ago, I was on call with a friend of mine, we were close back then in college and still keep contact until now. We were talking about one specific moment in the past. About how great our life was back then.

Read that first line above?
Do you remember when we were young and used to be so brave?
I don't know about you, but I thought I had my moment to be so brave back then. I don't know if I ever could do the same thing in this age. Being young and brave and curious to try about anything. I missed those kind of spirit. I'm not sure if I still had in me this times.

What did I do, if you asked? Well, I asked the guy that I liked out. It seems pretty simple, but with the society terms that girl should wait, what I did was pretty much something stupid. There will be huge chance of rejection and I thought I was about to humiliate myself if he didn't said 'yes' that time.
We were close online, chat about things, but never actually talk in real life. He was just always passed me by with 'Hi, Fienna' and 'Bye, Fienna' for almost 2 years! Until one day, the last semester came. I don't know when I'll see him again (as for both of us will go back to each other country). So, my friend told me to just asked him out, and I did.

I never regret it, in face I was really thankful for that. He was one of the best guy I knew, but the relationship needs to be over. We still friends till now. I don't know if I never did that, maybe until now both of us never really tell things that brings so much color to complete the college life back then. It was great moment.

My quotes for this weekly notes is 'Be Brave, because you are your only limit', I think its really something that might hit your not-so brave wall. Being brave with whatever you do isn't something easy, I know that and I still struggle with the same problem too. But, it will brings you to biggest possibility in life once you can get through that wall.
If you still not sure why you should be brave with your life, then you should listen to this Sara Bareilles song called Brave : 

See you guys in my next post! 

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