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Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Edition Ring Dish/Plate

Once upon a time... 

Nopes, it was a year ago, I started my small tiny business called Hey Deary. The idea was actually about me who loves to give a gift to my friends and family and I think I've told you this story before. 
One of my first product was this ring dishes with names on it. It started with I tried to made few of them (more like 11 pieces) and send them to my cousins and sisters in law as my small gifts. 

Turns out they love it! So, I just started make more of them and sell it. And I can't believe it was a year ago. There was a lot of changes. The material, the technique and so on. That's why I come up with the new one. The Ring Plates!

Hey Deary 1st Customized Ring Dishes
Another story is, I met the incridible resin material last year too. That's why the new edition will have resin as the glossy top on them, and it looks so pretty, as you can see on the picture above. And it will have longer durability.

So, what's different this new product with the old one, you may ask?
Difference are on the surface. The previous one came out a bit round on the bottom, makes little bit harder to write the name on it. The new edition (or I can say the upgraded model) have more flat surface, and a bit bigger on the size. More color to choose too. I'm still in on going process to make more color option available.

Can this new edition be customized too, like put name on it?
Yes, of course! I even thinking it would be so pretty with black on the base and gold/white on the words. I will make another sample ready soon!

The Black & The Purple
Another one, I'll post more for this new edition Ring Dish/Plate Gold Sparkle, but with stamped. I guess that's one of few things I want to do for these part. Making more choices but you can still create  your own. That's why it would be perfect for you or to give as gift for people you love around you.
The Black pieces
Like them, and you ready to adopt them? You can order them now through or you can find them on

See you soon!

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