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Who am I?

A 28 years old young woman who trying to convince herself that she can do better than she did before about her personal life, work life and try make it better for the rest of her life. Used to be a girl who create this blog because she was homesick while study abroad and need a place to tell a story on her own (that's how this blog started).

I used to use the name of Peri Hutan, but now you can call me Fienna. 

What do I write? 

Anything about lifestyle, DIY, listicle (article with number of list), some topic. I write some love and life tips. Sometime I wrote my own thought too, just in case you want to know. Any other time I like to write review, about movies I watched, about places I went to, about holiday I enjoy it too.

But sometimes, I just don't know what to write and I got my mind stuck and M.I.A for a while. But for sure I'll be back like I always do. Leave your comment down below, make sure to leave your email address or website, so I can visit you back.

Can we be friends? 

Sure, why not? All you need to do just follow me on my social media platform, and tell me that you 'met' me from the blog. Nah, just kidding. You can read my post instead. 

So yeah, happy reading!

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