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Friday, October 22, 2010
It's have been long time since the last time I wrote here.

When I got mellow mood, I just feel to write about something. Anything. Even the small and little word.

Hey, did I told you, I miss him a lot, Lady F? I've been miss him, since...
Well Idk. I miss him a lot until sometimes it's really hurt that face it the idea I even couldn't get him.

Hey boy, I'm soo crazy about you. I miss you all day, all night long, even sometimes I feel it's little too much for me to asked. I'm soo crazy about u, although I know, I couldn't ever have u. And you, wouldn't ever be mine.

I just need to say that, anyway. Not hopping anything for return.

#p.s : OMG! I even put your black picture on my desktop again. The best shot i could remember about your image.

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