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Land of God - Bali Part 5 End

Monday, November 29, 2010
Ok. This my last part of uploading Bali pictures. If i got another time to visit Bali, i would love to share again with you guys. So, enjoy!

This is logo of Visit Indonesia 2010. Yeah, i do promote my country as well. Would love to have you there. Welcome to Bali, Indonesia.
Land of God - Bali.
Bali is an island endowed with great natural beauty and rich culture...

Everyone's personal paradise...

So, what you waiting for? buy a ticket, prepare your passport and pack your stuff. i'll wait you in Land of God - Bali. You'll have so much fun there. It's a promise. Enjoy Bali!!

Land of God - Bali Part 4

Dreamland Beach

Dream Land Beach

Jimbaran at afternoon (on my lens)


I still have one page after this... still in Bali, but around Tanah Lot Beach. In his own color..

Land of God - Bali Part 3

Inside temple


Kecak Dance at Uluwatu.. If you lucky enough to get place in the middle of round sit place, you can see kecak dance with Uluwatu sunset as a background.

Again... another pics will upload soon...

Land of God - Bali Part 2

Still, to be continued....
i still have some more i wanted to put here. hm for those picture above, i dont know why it become lighter than the original one i edited before...

Pesan Dari Bintang by Sitta Karina

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Some people say that in friendship we share anything;
share the laugh, pain, stories, and secrets. Even the darkest one."

Pesan Dari Bintang adalah salah satu novel teenlit tentang kisah klasik persahabatan jadi cinta, tapi tidak ngoyo, menurut saya. Bercerita tentang Inez dan Niki dan persahabatan mereka yang di mulai ketika masih sama-sama tinggal di New York City sana. Inez Hanafiah, 'Paris Hilton'-nya Indonesia ini terkesima dengan seorang cowok Indonesia biasa yang tidak saja baik tapi juga tidak memandangnya seperti cowok-cowok kebanyakan mengenal dirinya hanya karena latar belakang keluarganya. Tambahan lagi yang membuat Inez selalu ingin dekat dengan Nikratama Zakrie, Niki-nya, adalah ketulusan.

Novel ini jadi favorite saya di antara semua karya Sitta Karina. Di kemas dengan bahasa yang gak ngejelimet dan mengalir begitu saja dengan mudah. Khas seperti novel Sitta yang lain.

Sitta Karina jelas mahir membuat sebuah konflik menjadi menarik dengan gaya penciteraan yang detail, sehingga pembaca dapat dengan mudah membayangkan karakter tokoh maupun tempat dengan sempurna, seakan kita bisa mencium bagaimana atmosfer sekeliling saat itu juga. Menarik bukan?

Cerita ini bakal menarik banget kalau jadi sebuah film. Itu yang selalu saya tunggu. Begitu juga untuk novel-novel Sitta Karina yang lain seperti Lukisan Hujan, Putri Hujan dan Kesatria Malam yang bercerita tentang Diaz dan Sisy, Titanium tentang Austin Hanafiah dan Romijin-Indira Singgih, Imaji Terindah tentang Chris dan Aki, dan Seluas Langit Biru tentang Bianca Hanafiah dan Aozora atau Sora, yang memang memiliki benang merah tentang keluarga Hanafiah. Menarik untuk di baca berurutan tapi tetap seru walau di baca satu-satu.

Kisah Inez dan Niki itu a modern fairy tale with a unique story. Bahasanya tidak picisan. Pesan-pesan moral yang ada di dalamnya juga tidak seperti menggurui, malah asyik sendiri untuk di simak. bahkan membaca berulang-ulang buku ini pun belum pernah menemui kata bosan dalam kamus saya. Ada saja hal baru yang saya temukan ketika saya membalikkan setiap halaman.

Penasaran ingin tahu seperti apa sih asiknya cerita persahabatan Inez dan Niki di sini? Miliki satu dan kamu akan temukan sensasi seru dari setiap halaman yang kamu buka. And trust me, this is one book that you wont want to end.

Caught between Two World

Caught between Two World

When I was child
insecure had always been my feeling
They give hands to hold.
Because I was continuously crying.

When I am an adult
its about blood and bone
I choose someone to be with
For something together to be done

Caught between two world
I'm tried to be something
I want the better life as a girl
As I was afraid of having something,instead I have nothing...

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Land of God - Bali

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful afternoon without sunset, bcoz it's cloudy
(Tanah Lot)

New born Miss Butterfly. Have to dry her beautiful wings, although in upside down condition.
(Butterfly garden)

It's not afternoon yet...
(Dreamland Beach)

Bali dancer performance
(In Jimbaran Beach at night)

Enjoy the sunset with someone special..
(Jimbaran Beach)

Another waiting sunset moment. Bli* hold a camera in his hand, and patiently waiting the right moment to capture a sunset..
(Jimbaran Beach)

It's not all picture i had, actually. but i do selected the most i love from more than a thousand pics i snap in Bali. Have some more, but i need to do editing before i post here. I went to Bali last October on Global Classroom Bali trip with my classmates and a lecturer. It was a blast and we had so much fun there. Although i am from Indonesia, but visiting one of amazing island in the world still would be my pleasure.

This my 3rd time i visited Bali. And still love the beaches, the people, the smell, the tradition and all, it's like went back home again. For sure i will visit more later...

so for you guys, who wanted to visit or have plan to come there, then please enjoy your trip. Please enjoy Bali, the Land of God, as much as me... :-D

*Bli in Balinese language means brother or abang/kakak in Indonesia

This little things about Prince of Words

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
If you think he speaks a lot, you are totally wrong. He don't.

If you think his move said anything about him, you are wrong. He don't.

If you think he tell the story like I did, you are wrong. He won't.

If you think he would tell you detail about his day or how he ends his week, when u asked, maybe... You close to the right thing.

He has all of it in his mind, didn't say much, laughing deeply. Personally I said, he's not that charming. He's not that handsome. But yes, he has point of kindness, friendly, and gentle

He has nothing particularly special, but he succeed to stole my heart

He don't have a sexy lips, but when he smiles, my heart feels like stop beating.

When everyone looking at me, only him who can't, but that's make him special.

When talks about him, anger love n emotional become one.

He's speaks about his world, without saying anything. Because he doesn't say much, he said anything with his heart and his eyes, that's why I called him Prince of Words.

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A Letter of Given Up

Monday, November 22, 2010
It has been almost a year since I knew him. Close. And almost two years, I knew him, from far.
Maybe he's looking for love, or maybe not?

Exploring his world is the one I liked. It's not being a stalker. But to know what he thinks is the one thing I wanted to know also.
I wish I had that ability. Read minds! and he was the first person I wanted to know, what was passed in his mind.

Maybe he's looking for love, or maybe not?

Dear, Prince of Words :
Do you have that feeling for me?
Will you belong to me?
Do you miss me, when I feel the same?
Is there something wrong, with my feeling to you?
All that question still spinning around on my mind, when I come alone.

You know what, people have been told me all the time, that my feel to you was something impossible to be come true. That you won't ever love me back, or at least looking at me.

You know what, Dear Prince of Word, I tried to keep telling my self that maybe have some miracle would happen here, when I have faith in my life, and someday, you could see me just as a girl who like you most.

Am i looks like a crazy girl? Hey, but I'm just a girl. Who like someone very much. Did I do something wrong? Did I say something wrong?

Maybe, next time I would have courage to say it to you. Directly.

Maybe, this time is my time to turning back, to another life, and without you standing there.
I need my time back.
Maybe my friends rite, I just need to be alone.

For a while.

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Dict. Of Sweet Moments #11 - 13

Friday, November 19, 2010
#11.When u get sick and have to bed rest all day, someone waiting beside you. Even hold your hand since you sleep until you wake up.

#12. Someone drop you at home. You drive. And He drive alone behind you. He make sure you are arrive home safely. Then he left.

#13. When someone kiss you on head or cheek, not lips.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Grey
(Peri Hutan Cat)

Today, Peri Hutan face is not shinny. At all. Her soulmate leave without saying goodbye. One of her best friend, even disappear without waving his beautiful tail. Mr. Grey missing!!!

Since Mr Grey the cat, was gone, it was makes Peri Hutan sad and housemates as well. No one knew where Mr. Grey walked away, no one knows also when Mr. Grey will back home.
She doesn't like this. She was used to hear the cat snores everyday, and now even none at all.

Mr. Grey is too precious. Its not money, but love.
Although all fairies busy looking for him, Mr Grey is still not coming back.

Peri hutan only could pray, Mr. Grey is safe wherever he is.
And may God protect him.
And hopefully he can return as soon as possible.
Peri Hutan miss him.
She missed his snoring.
She missed his beautiful tail.
She missed his naughty smile.
She missed her lovely cat.

Wish he come home, anytime soon. T_T

Dict. Of Sweet Moments #7-#10

Monday, November 15, 2010
This is sweet when :

#7. Me and my friend, went out together. In cassette shop, I was like want to buy a Britney Spears new album, but my money was finish. So, he was like take the cassette, and pay it on the cashier and just give it to me. He added,"if you try to re-pay me for this, I'll angry!"
*small and simple, but for me it was still sweet.

#8. Someone you like give you company at home, when heavy rain fall with thunder and your parents left you alone. You two talk like an old time. he waiting until rain stop, before he left..

#9. In rainy day, after a cup of coffee.. When someone reading stories and let me fall asleep on his lap.. And let me sleep tight and peacefully.
*by Nda - Indonesia

#10. In my family, we have small tradition. when someone bday, then we have family gathering. i was in Malaysia, separated with my family. they did hang out together and had dinner, without me. i was feel little bit sad. but my best friend here, ask me to join with him go dinner outside. but actually the reason why he ask me out because he said, "its okay your family had dinner together. i wont let you down and feel sad. thats why i want to give you company, so you won't feel lonely.". although that night we were just had dinner at KFC.. :-)
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Dict. Of Sweet Moments #4-#6

Sunday, November 14, 2010
This is sweet when :
#4. Someone gave you a big bouquet of flower in front of class. Hey babe, you have secret admirer. Must be there's have people (girls) envy to you!

#5. Someone gave you a disc. the content is all about you. A bunch of ur picture with family, with lovely friends and alone. Then a video, the lens as you. Its like you see all with ur eyes. Like you were there. Show you from your house, inside house, then small journey from home, school and work place. After that your friends one by one say happy bday to u.
*Its nice. You just need a camera and your friends help.
**its true story-by Margaret Evelyn, Indonesia

#6. Someone accompany you sit at balcony your home. Watch the stars at night. And the light from every house. The weather was cold. So he can hold your hand all night, to makes you feel warm. When both of you see the sky, he said, "You and me is like Yin and Yang. Who supposed to be together and complete for each other.
*true story by the author. :-D I can share my own experience right!

Don't forget to email me anytime! send yours to
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Dict Of Sweet Moments #1 - #3

Thursday, November 11, 2010
This is sweet when :

#1. On the normal day, ur bf bring you to a backyard and said that he just want to have a dinner and watch movie with u. But when you there, he ask you to cook together with him. Then ask, "would you like to have a dinner with me?".
After that, he ask you to join with him watch movie, with a screen and projector that he prepared before. With your favorite movie, and pillows and the blankets. And he ask you to dance with you when there's have dancing scene.

#2. he bring you to amusement park at night when nobody's there. Just both of you. When u open ur eyes, the lights lit. And he said, "all yours".

#3. He gives you a handmade book, he made it by himself. Contains photo of you two, capturing all the moment you pass together. For the next page, he says "but the best moment of us, is on the last page". When u open it, there's nothing. Then he said smile, with polaroid camera on his hand. Click! The picture two of you came out after a second. Perfect!

Hey lovely reader, I'm waiting the sweet moments you have to put here also. So you can contribute as well. So, what you waiting for? Send your short story here : with ur name and "dictionary of sweet moments" on subject. I'll be waiting you here!!

Launched 'Dictionary of Sweet Moments' Labels

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Here, collection of extraordinary sweet moments, that you can do for/with your someone special, bf/gf, best friend, family or anyone you know.

I'll tell you, how make it someone smiling with your small little surprise. If we can do with the simple way, but will give you the sweet moments ever, why you go for something expensive and complicated? it's not something over budget, if you know how use it wisely.

The truth is, do everything with your heart. You'll be surprise that the small things you do, can make someone smiling... It is nice right?

And i also ask you, if you have any idea of sweet moments you had done to your lover and want to share it with the other, please send email to me with your name and your place to here : i'll wait for your email, so can post it soon.

for the first post, i'll do it soon...
Happy sweet moments.. let's spread sweet smile, everywhere!!!


Tanah Mentawai & Gunung Merapi

Monday, November 08, 2010
Sudah lebih dari sepekan, isi surat kabar dunia Peri di hebohkan dengan gambar-gambar yang bahkan tak berwarna. Gambaran Peri-Peri di Tanah Mentawai dan sekitar Gunung Merapi sudah tak bercahaya lagi. Tawa dan canda mereka lenyap seketika tersapu oleh getaran bumi yang menggegar, dan sapuan air laut yang tak bersahabat ke pinggiran pulau yang membuat rumah mereka tak lagi berdiri. Membuat mereka tak lagi beratapkan sebuah rumah. Membuat mereka tak lagi bertempat tinggal.

Daerah tenang nan indah sekitaran Gunung Merapi pun sekarang malah sudah menjadi daerah abu-abu. Tanahnya tak lagi berwarna hijau. Hanya abu-abu. Kecil, halus namun tajam membunuh tak nampak. Tanahnya tak lagi berpenghuni jiwa yang hidup. Jiwa-jiwa peri-peri melayang di mana-mana. Meninggalkan sang jasad yang tak sempat berpesan dengan mereka yang tercinta.

Kali ini berita nya lain lagi.
Tapi bukan berita yang menggembirakan pula. 22 gunung di Indonesia tercinta mengumumkan dalam kondisi aktif, dan waspada. Tidak ada yang berani membayangkan bila mereka memuntahkan isi perutnya dalam waktu bersamaan.
Mungkin Indonesia kami yang indah hanya tinggal cerita.
Mungkin jadi bencana terbesar abad ini.
Mungkin korban yang berjatuhan akan jutaan.
Mungkin tanah kelahiran kita akan banjir air mata di mana-mana.

Tapi sebagai Peri-peri di bumi, mereka bergotong royong. Bantuan meluncur dari segala penjuru. Dunia turut bersimpati. Doa pun berdatangan tak putus-putus. Mengalirkan permohonan maaf kepada Sang Kuasa, kepada alam. Tangisan kehilangan sudah meraja lela.

Dunia memang prihatin, namun itu mengajarkan kita untuk lebih menghargai alam sekitar.
Mungkin lautan marah...
Mungkin gunung pun marah...
Mungkin ada perlakuan kita pada mereka yang salah...

Dunia masih menjalankan hukum karma.
Mungkin ini salah satu peringatannya.
Mungkin kita harus berpikir ulang, untuk lebih bijak pada alam.
Mungkin kita harus lebih bijak dalam bersikap.

Itu karma.
Saat semua perilaku kita dapat membawa kita ke jalan yang baik, atau sebaliknya.

Mungkin apa yang terjadi di Tanah Mentawai dan Gunung Merapi memiliki arti. Mereka membawa pesan.
Tuhan selalu melakukan hal baik untuk mahluknya.
Mungkin kita masih di beri-Nya kesempatan untuk berubah.
Lalu berubah lah. Pada jalan baik yang sudah di persiapkan-Nya.

Ia masih memberi waktu...
Selama masih ada waktu...

Cerita sang Peri Aceh dan kedatangannya

Langit sudah mulai gelap. Peri-Peri sudah dari tadi mengepakkan sayap tipis mereka pulang ke rumah.
Bahkan si Peri bermata Elang yang biasanya berburu di kala malam menyapa, memilih pulang ke sangkar lebih awal.

Peri Hutan kedatangan lawan. Peri lain, dia berasal dari ujung Indonesia. namanya Peri Aceh.

Peri Hutan tak tahu namanya sebernarnya, hanya memanggilnya saja begitu, karena ia tahu yang lawan berasal dari Aceh. Bukannya ia benci pada sang Peri Aceh, hanya tidak suka. Pilihannya lah ia memutuskan menyukai atau tidak.

Mereka berebut piala yang sama. Pangeran Kata-Kata.
Kabar dari istana mengatakan, Pangeran Kata-kata sempat meminangnya. tak lama cerita itu bersambut, mereka berpisah.
Satu hari Pangeran Kata-kata mendongeng, namun tak menyebutkan asal muasal cerita. Sukses membuat Peri Hutan menebak-nebak dalam gelap.

Peri Hutan tak benci dia. Hanya tidak memilih untuk menyukainya.
Peri Aceh membuat hatinya terluka. Bukan Pangeran Kata-kata yang melakukannya. Tapi Peri Aceh merebutnya.

Mungkin Pangeran Kata-kata silap.
Mungkin Peri Aceh tak tahu.
Mungkin Peri Hutan hanya tak sengaja mematahkan sayapnya sendiri, ketika memutuskan pergi mencari dan meminta sang cupid memanahkan panahnya paksa antara dirinya dan sang Pangeran.

Ia hanya ingin rasa itu tersedia untuknya.
Rasa yang dapat menyembuhkan luka sayapnya, dan membuatnya indah seperti sedia kala.

Langit malam datang, sang rembulan menyapa. Namun Peri Hutan tak bersemangat membalas. Pikirannya melayang jauh.

Andai Pangeran Kata-kata tau, ia tak perlu berlari jauh.
Andai Peri Aceh pergi saja kembali ke kehidupan lamanya dan menenggelamkan kisahnya di laut lepas.
Andai itu terjadi, mungkin Peri Hutan akan membalas senyum cerah Nyonya Rembulan malam ini.

Stupidly Clumsy In Love

Sunday, November 07, 2010
For past a year, I've been in love.

To you :
My prince of word.
My charming and brownies skin prince.
My kind and good friend prince.
My.. Oh My..

I admit. It was blind. It was hurt. But at the same time, it was fun. I enjoyed every second I can see ur eyes.
To be in love for whole time (see, its not a part time job), brought me a lot of to think about.

Try to focusing my heart and mind just for him (Prince of Words) and got a lot of rejected feeling wasn't easy for sure. But its like my heart, teach me, to do not just give up.

It's like they saying, you still have a lot of time, to be in love and to be in hurt.

I called, for my case with him is "Stupidly Clumsy in love". I called it stupid, and its clumsy. In love in the wrong time, on the wrong place. Is there any possibility that I've been in love just with the wrong person?

It's been a year, same person, and get nothing.. What I called by stupidly clumsy ~~~ in love with you...
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