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Dict Of Sweet Moments #1 - #3

Thursday, November 11, 2010
This is sweet when :

#1. On the normal day, ur bf bring you to a backyard and said that he just want to have a dinner and watch movie with u. But when you there, he ask you to cook together with him. Then ask, "would you like to have a dinner with me?".
After that, he ask you to join with him watch movie, with a screen and projector that he prepared before. With your favorite movie, and pillows and the blankets. And he ask you to dance with you when there's have dancing scene.

#2. he bring you to amusement park at night when nobody's there. Just both of you. When u open ur eyes, the lights lit. And he said, "all yours".

#3. He gives you a handmade book, he made it by himself. Contains photo of you two, capturing all the moment you pass together. For the next page, he says "but the best moment of us, is on the last page". When u open it, there's nothing. Then he said smile, with polaroid camera on his hand. Click! The picture two of you came out after a second. Perfect!

Hey lovely reader, I'm waiting the sweet moments you have to put here also. So you can contribute as well. So, what you waiting for? Send your short story here : with ur name and "dictionary of sweet moments" on subject. I'll be waiting you here!!
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