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Dict. Of Sweet Moments #4-#6

Sunday, November 14, 2010
This is sweet when :
#4. Someone gave you a big bouquet of flower in front of class. Hey babe, you have secret admirer. Must be there's have people (girls) envy to you!

#5. Someone gave you a disc. the content is all about you. A bunch of ur picture with family, with lovely friends and alone. Then a video, the lens as you. Its like you see all with ur eyes. Like you were there. Show you from your house, inside house, then small journey from home, school and work place. After that your friends one by one say happy bday to u.
*Its nice. You just need a camera and your friends help.
**its true story-by Margaret Evelyn, Indonesia

#6. Someone accompany you sit at balcony your home. Watch the stars at night. And the light from every house. The weather was cold. So he can hold your hand all night, to makes you feel warm. When both of you see the sky, he said, "You and me is like Yin and Yang. Who supposed to be together and complete for each other.
*true story by the author. :-D I can share my own experience right!

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2 comments on "Dict. Of Sweet Moments #4-#6"
  1. in rainny day, after a cup of coffee...when someone reading stories and let me fall asleep on his lap... and let me sleep with tight and peacefully....

  2. Next time : kirim ke email ku yaa... hehe...


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