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Dict. Of Sweet Moments #7-#10

Monday, November 15, 2010
This is sweet when :

#7. Me and my friend, went out together. In cassette shop, I was like want to buy a Britney Spears new album, but my money was finish. So, he was like take the cassette, and pay it on the cashier and just give it to me. He added,"if you try to re-pay me for this, I'll angry!"
*small and simple, but for me it was still sweet.

#8. Someone you like give you company at home, when heavy rain fall with thunder and your parents left you alone. You two talk like an old time. he waiting until rain stop, before he left..

#9. In rainy day, after a cup of coffee.. When someone reading stories and let me fall asleep on his lap.. And let me sleep tight and peacefully.
*by Nda - Indonesia

#10. In my family, we have small tradition. when someone bday, then we have family gathering. i was in Malaysia, separated with my family. they did hang out together and had dinner, without me. i was feel little bit sad. but my best friend here, ask me to join with him go dinner outside. but actually the reason why he ask me out because he said, "its okay your family had dinner together. i wont let you down and feel sad. thats why i want to give you company, so you won't feel lonely.". although that night we were just had dinner at KFC.. :-)
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